Of Getting Busier and Busier each day =(
Saturday, August 18, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

Sigh Im getting more and more stress out each day when I go to school and come home with unlimited assignments and to makes things worst..Im sick again . Felt like updating this blog but there's so much to say but dunno what to start with first .

My parents and other relatives came last week , so is my sister who is now working at Singapore. We went to Cititel hotel and stayed there over the weekend spending time with my family . I feel at home again when they're here... they bought tons of foods for me and brought us around to eat the food I missed back home...and now they went home I felt so sad again =(
Oh yea... My sis graduated already ... too bad I can't be there on her graduation ceremony ... Thanks to my monday hectic classes and assessments...or else I could've skip it..lol..

So yesterday I went to The Ship Restaurant at Bukit Bintang with a few friends of mine . One of my friend SioSen took a lot of pictures with my cam...but now my cam's battery is dead so I can't upload any photos..=P The purpose of us going there to eat is to do our Food and Beverage Technology Project which is due in 2 weeks time...we had a fun time eating and exploring that place ...it's like the first steak house in town...started since 3 decades ago...we also managed to talk to the manager ... and we met the boss...an old lady...poor her...her husband passed away 3 years back ...and she still looked healthy for an old lady like her...!

Later that we walked around at Sungei wang and then Siosen and I took the monorail to KL sentral...which we almost missed the station because when I wanted to go down siosen was like..saying this is not the station to go down...so I was also blur blur and say hmm okay...till few seconds before the train's door close and the aunty who is feeding her baby was telling is this is the last stop...we managed to ran out..burst out laughing for being dumb..hahaha...

The next thing I did when I reached home was socialising with my Denise and my cousins who came to the house...then my cousies and I went down to have dinner at this mamak store with their 2 girlfriends...we seated like 5 hours there talking about Sabah...and ghost...and pondans and omg so much to mention..hahahah

Now Im at coffee bean Sunway Piramid...supposed to go and buy some stuffs then go home do assignments or something but Im kinda feeling lazy...ah well...so Im online...but nobody else is online other than Shaun...hmm..Guess I'll update again next time...

Till then ,

counting down the days till I get to go home .


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