Missing ALL OF YOU!
Friday, August 3, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

It's like 3 weeks of not blogging since I came here...been missing everything back home...the life here is alright but the food and all sux ... my housemates are good and friendly people , all also east malaysian people except for one ... Johore people..eldest among us all..She's 21 ... doing Higher Diploma in Hotel Management ... I'm the youngest at home...Jessica from Sarawak is also 18 ( older than me by 6 months) doing Diploma in Quantity Surveying...my cousin is 19 yrs old doing Diploma in Tourism Management...and sadly , nobody in the house does the same course as I do...that makes it like I'm the only Sabahan in my group of 15 people . Every Friday is my off day from school . Basically , we didn't have anything much to do for the first 2 weeks... no assignments ... then now it's the 3rd week we have 3 group assignments due in a month time...how "nice" lol !

Last Friday was our school Orientation Night Dinner ... it was really wild...basically what we all did was eat and chit-chat...then a lot of performances from the seniors...then the dancefloor was really packed and the whole school was like a disco area..LOL...everyone just cant stop dancing until midnight and they have no choice but cancel the activities after that...games and all because it was too late already...LOL... got a few pictures to post up but maybe not now...Im running out of time actually =P

So far , Im out like every week... went to a few malls already..just last night went to another 2 malls .. with Denise and My cousin .. shopped a lot..money also fly fly fly...lol...shopped only for school stuffs le...besides that , last week went to Sunway Piramid for a small reunion with the sabahan schmates in KL... miss them so much and we had fun chit-chatting with them after so long...then met Kelvin also with his girl friend =P ..

That was basically it , I miss home food ... I miss kk friends .. I miss hmm...unlimited things back at home.... =( How are you people lately? Nobody update me with whats happening anymore leh...all also didnt update blog...so sad =(( ...

My parents and relatives coming over in a week time for my sis's graduation ceremony ... and my sis is also going to come over from Singapore next week....how fast time flies now when I think back...

Heh and I have a lil suprise going on here...not telling anyone about it =P

So till then , I'll stop here =)


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