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Friday, July 6, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

I'm leaving to KL in 2 days time .

Been shopping a lot lately for things to bring to KL , and yes yesterday I shopped again .

Reason ? My parents had last minute plans to go to Singapore , making it like a bit rushing for us to shop for KL as Im going to have like check in the room in Taylors , then go Hotel .. I dunno what hotel are we going to after that to check in the room , dump our stuffs there for a day then rush to Singapore . Next day will be spend in Singapore ... and the following day back to KL to clean my room in my school apartment ... and all the unpacking ... and might have last minute shopping there too . Then , on the 11th Orientation day start ... so yeah... my schedule is very packed .

This time I bought a formal black pant , a pair of formal wear shoe ( my 2nd pair ) , a white casual sandal , a " sotong flat " shoe , and a bag from MNG .

Shopped at Karamunsing for my formal black pant and formal wear shoe ... then went Asia city to yim cha at Fook Yuen with my parent . Then went CP to shop for shoe , saw this really nice pair of white sandal when I was at Nose , too but the shoe I wanted has a stain on some ink .. and its a white sandal! Then they don't have another pair of the same size , so yeah changed my mind . Instead , went to MNG and bought myself a bag . My mum bought the same one too . Next , we walked to Warisan Square to go Padini and look at Vincci's shoes . From there , I bought the so called " sotong flat " and a white casual sandal .

By the time we finished shopping it was like already 9.30 pm..then we went to this shop selling all the food stuffs in Warisan , the one sell sliced pork and all the tourist items? I forgot the name but they sell the slice pork so expensive ! and its already packed inside the plastic . It's like in other shop you can get 1kg for RM 40+ and you get to choose which type of slice meat and even test to know if its fresh , this one we bought in the shop cost 500g for RM 40+ , and you only have one choice to pick and dunno if it's fresh !But the worker there told my mum its fresh so my mum just say nevermind la and just give it a try ... Sigh ... cut throat one !

Thats roughly what happened yesterday that I can remember... and I'm sick =((

The bag is actually brown ... it looks so dark in here... Lazy want to edit =P

I like =))


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