Times like this .
Saturday, May 19, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

That I wish I won't have to wait anymore .
That everything will go on as how I want it to be .
That I will stop asking myself why?
That I will stop crying in the middle of the night .
That I will stop hoping for it.

but why can't I help it ?

p/s : Wai Po , I miss you . 10 years since you left us . I was just a young and innocent little grandaughters of yours back then . Sorry I didn't talk to you as much when you were here . Forgive me . Now when I think about it , I really regretted that I didn't spend time with you all during the past . Sometimes I wonder how are you doing up there ? How's Gong ? Gong , I miss you too ! Po , Pa and Ma doing well here ... and your sons , your grandsons and grandaughters have all grown up to wonderful little kids and mature adults . Jie is graduating soon , and I'm going to further my studies soon . What about Ah Yee? Is She doing fine with both of you ? I miss her too . Tell her , her 3 daughters are doing well and they're still as cute as before . Ask her not to worry too , we'll take care all of them .

We all misses all of you .

Forever love ,

Your grandaughter .


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