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Wednesday, May 23, 2007 // 2 comment(s)

Just a normal pic of me. ..

I've been out like almost everyday lately , just to hang out and all ... and a lot of stuffs happened lately , not only me ... but also others ... and I promise to keep all of you in my prayers .

Last wednesday I was out with Bev , and then after breakfast we went to AC and shopping , I bought 2 boardshorts for Jeremy and Bev bought one , then we went to pick Wendy up from WM and head to Lintas Yoyo to buy lunch and hung out at Wendy's crib . We took a bunch of silly & crazy photos =X (Don't wanna post it up le =P ) ...

Bev , Wendy & I. ( the most normal pic taken that day )

One of the pattern from one of the boardshorts I bought for him ... I love this!

Last Friday Night was spent with Bev , Eilvane , Leslie , Jia Jia & a new friend , Carrie . We hung out at Up to you cafe . Didn't do nothing much , just chit-chat and drink whole night long . Took some pics though ...


Leslie dunno doing what =P

The couple drinks we had that nite ... MYR 9.90 for 1 set ( 2 choices )
We ordered Blueberry Beer , Tropicana something Beer , Pachanan , and one more ... Peach something Beer , I dont remember the friggin names! Hahahah! Sorry !

Candid pic of JiaJia ...

Beverly , JiaJia and Carrie

This thing is damn nice man! I wanna eat it again!!! MYR 8.80 for 6! beware...its addictive! =P

3 of us ... Very blur pic ...

Yours truly with Jia jia =D

With Bev =D

And that night we were really " high " , we screamed especially me and Eilvane..screamed for no reason one =x Hahahah ..especially in the car ... and then we decided to meet Mary ... and give her a suprise "celebrity welcome " by flashing 3 camera flash at her at once from inside the car when she's walking towards the car...LOL...funny =p

She came out with her pyjamas! Hahahahaha!

Thats about it for that night ...

and that Sunday Im out again with friends after church . Was with Mary , her bf and bf's friend ... Hung out at CP and Warisan ... walking , talking , eating ... =D and went up to Growball because Mary wanted to play game and win Kuma Kuma..hahaha... on the way out her bf almost kena bodek by a bunch of pilaks ... lucky we managed to go off without anything happen ... 3 guys behind us also kena ... =X but escape also . Went secret recipe after that , had Double Delight ... fattening . Later that J picked me up and hung out at his place till dinner ... had bak kut teh because he was so desperate to eat pork after not having them in the island for 6 days! Muahahaha! He's turning into a muslim! =X...omg..

Then , yesterday ... tuesday ...was out again with Bev , after breakfast went to Maxis...then picked up Leslie from school and sent him home . Then picked Wendy up from Wisma and off to Police station , then to CP and Warisan again ... just roam around... ( Im really bored of this two places la ) ...then went Bev's hse to to hang out...Sent Wendy to Lintas to meet up with her boyfriend before Bev come to my hse and hang out =D

Thats about it . And currently I'm addicted to the game Monopoly Here and Now . Won all games so far . I'm good =p Muahahahah! Took pics ... will maybe upload them later!

For now I'm off to watch American Idol!

p/s : Idiot , mind your own business .


Blogger ChaosRaymond said on May 24, 2007 at 11:44:00 PM GMT+8  

Wow.. So many photos!! I'm blur.. Where were u again?

Blogger ElaineCharmaine said on May 25, 2007 at 10:03:00 AM GMT+8  

Hahaha...Im at...well 1st pic...Im at home...2nd pic at Wendy's hse...others...at Up to you cafe Damai...=DD Hahaha

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