5th Post on Paris - The City of Love - Palais Garnier
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The next place we visited was the Palais Garnier.
On the way there, we stopped by a drug store and it captured my eyes as their drug stores are all decorated with neon lights signboards unlike what we see in Malaysia where neon lights signboards are normally used for  entertainment places such as clubs.

The Palais Garnier also known as the Opéra de Paris or Opéra Garnier.

It is actually a 1,600 seats opera house that was designed by Charles Garnier and was regarded as a masterpiece of its time.

Using our student cards to purchase the ticket, it costs us 5 euro which is about RM21 for entrance fee.

The interior of the many places inside the opera house. I just love how everything looked so grand and I love how the architecture look so neatly done and thoughts of perfections were given to it the moment it was built and well preserved till this day.

 I absolutely love this place because it was my first time actually visiting an actual opera house and initially I thought this place was a museum. Look at the picture below this, these are actually doors to individual balcony rooms and each room can cater up to 6 persons with velvet-ish walls. Classic.

The inside view of each of the balcony rooms. It reminded me of Phantom of the Opera the movie.

Lots and lots of beautiful chandeliers hanging on the ceiling which makes up the grand feeling when you're inside. Not to mention, the very artistic paintings surrounding the entire building.

This is actually the view from the main balcony of the opera house. Overlooking the city. The feeling when you stood up there is how you will feel as a pope, waving to thousands of people at St. Peter Square. But for this, you actually wave to the locals here and they are the ones that try to get your attention so you will take their pictures from above. 

The interior. 

This building actually served as the principal venue of the Parisian Opera and Ballet since its open. Thus, this explains why they have a gift shop that is totally dedicated to ballet dancers selling the outfits, shoes, books, cd, keychains and many more other ballet related items inside.

After that, we continued our journey just shopping around Paris's famous shopping area , the Champ Elysees and visited the Arch De Triomphe. Fret not, more pictures coming in the next post.

Till Then.

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