4th Post on Paris - The City of Love - Louvre
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4th post on Paris.
Located at the heart of Paris is the Louvre. It is originally built as a 12th century fortress and then converted to a royal palace in the 14th century and now it is one of the largest and most visited museum in the whole world.

This place housed about 35,000 objects on display, all spread out around the palace which was divided into 3 main wings.

The glass pyramid originally received mixed review as it contrasts with the original classical design of the surrounding buildings but then it was considered as a good solution as to giving the museum a huge central entrance without the need to touch the historic patrimony.

Well, actually the main attraction here mainly is because of the Glass Pyramid which was the latest addition to this prestigious museum.  This pyramid was built in 1989 ( exactly the same year as I was born :P ) but yet it still looked so good as it is so well maintained. The pyramid is actually the entrance door to the museum. 

Just look at the amount of people queuing, dying to get in the museum everyday is enough to make you not want to go in and visit the museum unless you have 24 hours to spare just for this museum. This is not even half of the queue yet :/ thus we ended up just snapping pictures outside of the pyramid instead of going in the museum itself. 

If you would like to read more about The Louvre, check out this link : The Louvre for more informations.

After the Louvre, we had our brunch at a nearby restaurant. This restaurant serves the typical French cuisines you can find anywhere in France, but unlike the restaurants and some places in France, this restaurant allow us to take picture of their food and the owners were very friendly and efficient in their service. 

I had fish the other day and it was really good. Tasted the French union soup and it was uber-delicious, unlike those you often get here, which always is diluted and tasteless.

 and in Paris,  you often can see really nice magazine booth such as above.

Remember I was saying that transport is very efficient in Paris? You can rent public bicycles everywhere and need not to worry you won't get any because they have tons of it and is often lined up by the road side.

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