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Finally, the time has come to blog about my trip to France for 2 weeks. It was a very good trip indeed. I enjoyed myself, and it has opened my eyes to see another side of the world with greater knowledge as what I've gained from this awesome experience. Not to mention, this is my first time travelling entirely with my university friends, I usually travel with my family :D and it's for the longest time ever. Thus, it bonded everyone of us closer as we spent 2 weeks together doing everything, together :P

So where did I landed on during these 2 weeks? 

Basically, I'm just gonna start of this post from the moment when we're on the plane from KLIA first. For starters, we boarded the Emirates during this entire trip, and it was my first time flying with Emirates. We had this 7 hours of journey basically just sleeping as it was really late, and during this entire journey we were served like breakfast and snacks twice before landing at Dubai. I love how Emirates are so creative with their menus, they always have something for you to choose from and its a whole variety , and it always comes with a lot of side stuffs, like cereals, chocolate cakes, to sum it up its portions are always huge. Oh, we had like 4 meals throughout the 14 hours journey, minus the transit time in Dubai, and everything is just breakfast! So sick of breakfast by then. Coming home is another 14 hours journey excluding transits, but yet we had another 4 meals of dinner :/  


 This is just one of the example out of our many breakfast, snacks and dinner 
Oh funny how there's once they actually ran out of mineral water and offered wine instead 


     The menu

Us all smile when we just boarded the plane.

Finding seats , well 300+ of us students boarded the plane and we were broke down into 3 big groups flying different days. Mine's the first batch.

 Saw this once we landed after we enter the boarding gate before departing for Charles De Gaulle, Paris. Amazingly, its all in Arabian :/

This was at 6am in the morning, look at the amount of people and shopping at this hour. Oh, Dubai airport is the world's best duty free shopping hub. In case you're wondering, their currency is just 5 cents different compared to ours, but their things is not cheaper :/ IMO. Mineral water from the snack booth cost USD1, the cheapest you can get there.  They use USD for everything, so if you're in need of Money Exchangers, they do have it there. 

Well, maybe only gadgets but definitely not food. Why do I say this?On our way of transiting back from Dubai, I had a sandwich which cost me RM35, and its just a simple baguette like sandwich :/ but mine has salmon and such, so it's still okay I guessed but it's really not what I would recommend because its not really nice :P got no pictures of it and I forgot whats the name of the shop already :/ we had like 3 of it and it costs about RM100!

This was before we actually realized that Emirates passengers get to eat for free in their lounge and its a FOC buffet! 

They have a lot of these shining glowing jars on sale for decoration purpose :/

Everyone is waiting to enter the boarding gate, the place just nice. One of the many nice airports I've ever been to :) But it's so hard to move around from one end to another end because its not wide but long type of airport :/

This was inside the boarding gate, got to love the design of the ceiling! and of course, we boarded the world's most advanced aircraft in the sky, A380 to Paris and it was like, 2 floors and was really spacious compared to the first plane. With better facilities of course to survive another 7 hours of torture after all the waiting.

can see that its nicer and spacious :)
and then, here we go. next post, Paris! The City of Love.

Till Then.

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