Jolly good, October?!
Tuesday, October 5, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

So far it hasn't been any kinder to me. Well in terms of daily happenings in life.I'm so lazy to blog about what happened yesterday. 
Study wise I guessed it wasn't so bad. Though what was supposed to happened last week.
Was now all delayed to this week and more weeks to come. I should be happy, no? 
I don't know. Endless pilling stuffs , and of course readings to do.
Was working on a new teaser just now. Currently, just procrastinating away. 
Now I'mma head to bed and watch HIMYM while munching on Famous Amos.
Glad that classes starts at 1pm onwards tomorrow. But, I hate the new timetable! 
3 continuous days of having class from 8am onwards till 6.30pm?! Just this week. The rest will be better, I hope.

Good night world.

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