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Sunday, October 10, 2010 // 3 comment(s)

Last Saturday was spent at TimeSquare with Leslie & Kelly.
We tried out a new food outlet during brunch - ViVo
well I'm not really sure if this shop is still very new or anything like that since all these while it was hidden at ground floor and is not really visible.

Its an American restaurant thats famous for its pizza and panini .
We ordered a Barbeque Chicken Pizza , Grilled Chicken and a Smoked Salmon Speghetti.
As for drinks, we had Mango Delight without cream , Choco Brownies & Mallow and a Cafe Latte.
 Everything was so kinda good, satisfactory level , even the price was kinda reasonable.
I remembered our bill came and it was about RM78+ for everything.
I reckon this is one of the few places that has reasonable food pricing with satisfactory level food.

Well, later that evening we wanted to go to Giza but due to unforeseen circumstances, 
the cab driver who did not tell us that he didn't know the way end up taking us to Sunway Pyramid.
He was dumb enough and lied to us about Giza being in Pyramid like as if we didn't already know its in Damansara.
So he frankly said he didn't know the place ,we figured there's no point of arguing so end up roamed around pyramid again. 
Little did I know, the next day I end up at Pyramid again dealing with some stuffs with Leslie & my cousin.
Seriously, I'm really getting sick of that place because every week I will be there at least 3 times during lunch breaks and weekend it gets so annoying that I would try to avoid going there if I can.

So, this weekend it's different.
Went down to Midvalley, Gardens.

Tried out the open food court at Gardens, apparently they serve a lot of different country cuisines ,

the pineapple fried rice Leslie had.
 I had Salmon Teriyaki , no picture though.

and finally from Sentral, 
Giza ( and the cab driver still don't know the way until he had to ask us for the direction ).
Well, Giza was a bit disappointing if I may say so.
I would not ever go back there unless for,
1) a place to chill and hang out drinking alcohol.
2) The Supermarket 
3) Tao Cuisine 

The reason behind this is , 
1) spending RM54 on cabs from Sentral-Giza-Sunway ( With Meter ).
2) No cab stand at all. Called 2 cab companies and both got no cabs to deliver.
End up waiting for a cab further down the road and only to see one after an hour of wait.
3) Nothing to shop or see there as it was just a small mall.

Saw these at the supermarket and I thought it was really cute and chic.

Had dinner at Giza though, 
at a place called IpohIpoh.

The sky was so beautiful. Purplish sunset.

I had chicken burger special.
The patty inside is wrapped with an egg served with salad and fried chickens.
It was just nice I guess.

Leslie had this claypot Ipoh noodle.
I tried out the soup, it tasted good :D

next up was the Bak Kut Teh I had this morning for brunch.
It was at a shop nearby my place and it was really yummy.
Black sauce is love.love.love.
With Chili + Cuttlefish as its base.

Looking at the pictures now makes me hungry even though I had it only this morning

What I like most is you can request to have the meat with no fats so it's less fattening.

and of course, today is Sio Sen's birthday - 10.10.10.
Got her this tumblr from Starbucks, she loved it so much that she screamed when she saw it :D

Managed to find time catching up with the guys for our long missed yumcha session at Jaafar.
Chilled till 4+am , so much to catch up on and laughed about.
I miss them already.

Little update about Uni now is,
I watched a very funny French movie that was used to be a "Must See" movie when it came out during my French Class.
I enjoyed it much because it was really hilarious and dumb :S

It's the story of Pierre Brochant who has that game with his friends: every week, they have a mission to invite to their dinner table the dumbest guys they can find and make fun of them. Hence the idiots in the title - though con, in French, is a bit stronger than idiot (and yes idiot is also a French word).

My next training will commence on the 30th of May next year.
Which I will have to start preparing the CV like this week and apply for internships.
Crazy how we have to work super early this time.

The hectic assignments and presentation life is still going on.
Just remembered I have a test going on Tuesday, probably a presentation too ( if I happened to be so "lucky" to get chosen )
Dissertation proposal :( 
The event on the 30th of October is giving me headache.
Will update more about it soon I guess. 

Till Then.

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Anonymous Mary said on October 12, 2010 at 7:29:00 AM GMT+8  

just realized your blog has no more chatblog. right? D: anw, you didn't talked about the jusco lady! :P

Blogger ElaineCharmaine said on October 12, 2010 at 4:25:00 PM GMT+8  

Haha,yeah since I changed the whole layout thing, now just comment anywhere you want :D The Jusco lady is a waste of time haha, I've more important stuffs to do. Ask Leslie la then he will update you.

Anonymous Anonymous said on January 29, 2011 at 6:42:00 AM GMT+8  

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