I'm only gonna break your heart.
Monday, May 17, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

So I decided to blog about last friday night first.
I was out with Beverley
we got out pretty late for our late dinner at Bubba Gump
because we were lazy to move our asses :D

I was contemplating whether to eat this or my usual fish and chips.
But I decided to try something new so I chose this.
Apparently this dish, Vegetable Skillet is a recommendation from the restaurant.
But I swear I will never ever order it anymore.

I just didn't like how it tasted , its sour due to the lemon , tasteless at one point because there's salmon but its nice really, and then bitter at some parts due to capers and the asparagus + carrot was kinda raw .

to me the taste of the food was all out of place so I dislike it.
Very much that I only ate the salmon in the end.
& a really small portion of the fragrant jasmine rice :(

Then he came and join us. Bah this fella is my childhood friend :)

" Hi , my name is Kelvin the proud owner of Blackberry and Iphone :D but BB ftw! "

After dinner we roamed around aimlessly while waiting for Loh...
he brought us to Utopia, Damansara for a nice chill-out session.
Seriously, when both of them are together all they do is talk about, Paint-ball.
and there you see , more ss pictures while waiting.

This picture looked so wrong in some ways, IDK why but yea.

and to end this post, HAHAHAHA!

I know we have nothing better to do :D
okay, till then.
next post.next post ;)


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