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Thursday, December 10, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Last Sunday was spent at Mamutik Island with Mary , Ivan & my uncle , Maurice after church .
Supposedly was there with a large group of people , but I end up getting a lot of last minute cancellations due to unpredictable weathers and so on and so forth .
Nevertheless , 4 of us had much fun .
Talked alot about ex-Mn's I felt like as if I was part of them :S
The weather was good after so many days of rain , my tan is not golden enough :S
& we end up getting sand flies bites all over our bodies especially my thighs and my arms .
Its so bloody , annoyingly-itchy-compared to chicken pox .

Pictures time , more on FB.

Uncle showing off big belly haha



my random shots .

saw the hearts?



Well , this week I've been really busy .

As usual , attended a lot of full moon parties and wedding dinners , and more to come this weekends :S

Went to the dentist yesterday , everything was okay , my next appointment will be in Feb if I can make it.

Whats new?

I dyed my hair auburn gold and am loving it.
Painted my fingernails pink and toenails purple .
I felt so bimbo-ish somehow.

But I guess , its just the Christmas holiday mood that I'm feeling right now.

No pictures yet.

Am expecting a parcel of presents sometime next week , can't wait!

Ok I'm off to do some college stuffs at the office then I'mma gonna meet my relatives from Sandakan . Yays.


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