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Oh my it's been ages since I touched this blog .

I've always wanted to blog but just couldn't be bothered :P Now thats a lie .

I've been busy hanging out with people , catching up with lots of unexpected stories ( really dramatic ones ) , well I believed there is always a twists in every stories of our lives .

Basically , training is over for me , now thats left is my untouched report due a month time.
I am basically , am happy to be home , meeting up with the people in my " to meet lists " because its so so long , and am glad that I've met like 50% of them since holidays started ?

But its not easy y'aknow . Everyone is everywhere , coming back from Australia , New Zealands , West & East Malaysia , am happy everyone still as fun as ever after like zomg years ( maybe months ) of not meeting each other .

First of , spent the second last weekends of my time with Mary & Melvyn simply just talking talking & talking! I dunno how but we're like talking robots for as long as it lasted haha . We caught the movie 2012 & A Christmas Carol . Both was good :) oh I forgot , Bruno :S lol

Melvyn & Mary

We had dinner at Bubba Gump during a saturday night I think , it was pouring that night and Mary wanted to have a western dinner , as usual I ordered my Fish & Chips :D

Mary's , Melvyn's & Mine

Something funny and awkward happened that night when I was ordering my drink :P
I wanted to say : give me a Lotsa Lava , instead I went , give me a Lotsa Love!

With that super excited face somemore.


The waiter's facial expression changed and Melvyn was like " you lack of love is it? " haha

Shaun came down to KL from NZ for a night on Friday night which was also my last day of training , so basically we met up with him for late dinner and then yumcha at Starbucks and McD till like 3am? Cause he had to catch another plane to Miri at 6am.

Leslie , Shaun , Kelly

Thanks Shaun for the Golden Edition Ferero Rocher & Kiwi Candy :)

After few days , had dinner at Italiannes with Melvyn because Mary left us to KK and this dinner has something to do with my reward or something for being a workhaholic . Bah , I was seriously late I think he's about to kill me when I reached , dinner ends at like 12am that night!

Had Clam soup , Melvyn had speghetti dunno what :P and I had Calzone ( seriously freaking huge , like huge currypuff with meatballs inside ,
couldn't finish them! )

Thanks for the treat btw :)

It was nice spending time with them , met Cass & Melvyn on another night to yumcha at AC after so long , but yikes realised we didn't take pictures :S

had a long night at Jaafar with Loh joining us after that .

The next day , finally I get to meet Denise who finally came back from Maldive , we went to Brussels like finally ( after tempting Loh ) hahaha

Met up with Brian & Edvart .

Famous for Belgium beer , premium ones . You can have either 1/2 pints or 1 pints .

Roast Pork and Beef Bacon , nice!

Saw the candy cane? Its from Loh! was jokingly saying I wanted a candy cane the night before at mamak and all of a sudden he came up with one the next day :D thanks Loh!

the open space ceiling where Brussels was located at Jaya One

Denise & Brian


The big guy

That was till then about KL .

Next is KK .

Saturday , went to Jesselton Point but that place was seriously , I dunno . Every single drinks that we ordered is unavailable , so we decided to go Tj . Aru ( a new place to me ) there is an open space like food court for drinks . Never noticed its there .

Met up with Vigita the future Lawyer ,
Daniel the future Vet , Chan the raising KK blogger aka future Lecturer , , Bev the Muay Thai boxer and Mary my sister :)


Vigita & Bev

Daniel is always full of expressions

We headed to Ice Bar 1Borneo after that to check out the place , it was sucky .

Mary underage so we had hard time getting her in , I don't see the Ice Bar that supposed to looked like Quattro and it is so small !

End up chilling outside Ice Bar's deck watching football , chit-chat and more shishas for daniel.

I met up with an old friend of mine , Ivan who came back for holidays from NZ like finally after 2 years .

Oh he bought the supposedly phone that I wanted to buy , SE Satio which I waited for quite sometime , nice to play with but is totally not my type of hp anymore so glad I didn't get it.

Thats Ivan behind me !

The next day , went out with Jeremy ( after 1 yr? ) to meet up with Ivan (ya , they knew each other from MN only to meet up through me HAHA ) , Mary , Bev & Esther .

We had lunch at Fish & Co , catching up things with each other . You know those MIRC days stuffs :P

Jeremy tried to point the fork to stop me from taking picture haha , too bad .

It was a late lunch , we were awfully bloated after that so we toured around 1borneo ,
I finally get to see the petshop , been searching for it for quite sometime :S

in the car

We went to Centre Point and Warisan Square too after so long .

Caught New Moon in Growball cinema , the hall 8 - Largest hall and boy that place reminds me of the auditorium in yayasan sabah.

The whole movie was so cheesy , and it got me thinking a lot of things and the ending sucks .

Ivan & I was like laughing most of the time because of the stupidity of somepart of the movie , the reactions from the female audience especially , Jeremy was lost and Mary kept comparing the movie and the book LOL

Had the 32 Oz ice lemon tea I think I was about to get diabetes that day , I was high on sugar the whole day . The drinks I consumed , the amount of sugar . I can't imagine.

After movie , we headed to KK TimeSquare . Again , my first time there .

Had our dinner at Firefly , Bar & Grill . That place is still new , love the environment .

Food was good , reasonably priced . We had sandwiches for dinner because we were still full from late lunch but omgosh the portion was not what we expected .


we can't even finish what we ordered , every single plates has its own leftovers.

On Monday night , organised a drinking session @ Cube Restaurant , CTmall .

About 11 of us went , 2 backed out cause too tired from diving .

Fun times , I tell you - Bev Tam is getting married :D main highlight ! haha * joke joke

Denise & Bev! I have to agree with Denise , our ugly fringe haha remembered how we laughed about it the first thing after we saw each other in the car?

Bev Wu! Came from Kuching :D haha that night first thing when I saw her I was like OMG! YOU'RE HERE AGAIN! I MISS YOU AFTER SO LONG!

Ivan Soo! with "bride to be"

Vigita & Chan

Justin is the chairman ...

Kevjumba's expression on Vigita 's face !
Justin is so happy

Mary playing Daniel's Itouch , I was busy looking at the menu and Bev smiling at Denise

we had colouful cocktails .

Vodka is the base to all these drinks .
Pineapple , blue curacao , sprite , lemons are extras.
Others drank juices .

Tried the famous Liu Sa for dessert , the inside is actually butter milk and salted egg yolk , yummy!

& Flambe Ice Cream for dessert! Awesome presentation? thats flame , with a touch of red wine and the vanilla ice cream is inside the square bed crumb like cube.
Hot outside , Cold inside :D

I dunno what are they doing.

Ivan's blur face!

*all points to Bev , she's married :P haha

retards faces of ours .


Thats all folks , till then .

Can't wait for tonight .

" she's just confused .

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