Trick / Treats day .
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I had a fun weekend last week , it was Halloween but didn't celebrate it as usual .

Sharon & I kinda made promises next year we shall celebrate it ,

till then will see if we really can celebrate it next year .

Sharon came over a week earlier to distress . It was unplanned and I can't wait for her to come again this weekend .

Had a really late Korean food for brunch with dinner within 4 hours left us feeling really bloated .

Sharon's spicy noodle

my lunch box rice ,bbq chicken :)

We caught the movie , Time Traveller's Wife and Jennifer's body .

Time Traveller's Wife was seriously nice .

If you haven't read the book , I'm telling you the movie is worth every single pennies you have!

except that the ending wasn't exactly like the book .

As for Jennifer's Body ,

I watched it because of MEGAN FOX.

& after watching it , I Hate Her .

Just because her character is evil , not Hate as in real hate.

I watched that and didn't know it was a thriller movie and watching it on a Halloween Night really gaves us the spooky feeling . Screaming & all in the cinema .

I normally don't do that , but for this its kinda , gross y'aknow .

When I sleep I can dream of her with that gross face of hers .

& I kept telling Sharon " I wanna go out , don't wanna watch anymore! " haha


She screamed like hell too and covered our face with her handbag hahah

but I do love horror movies , besides this and Chucky! :P

It was also the very same day that both my cousins , twin's birthday so we went to Italiannes for dinner with a bunch of their friends mainly Sabahans , and of course few Mass Com's students .

Friday's staff , actually Republic - Fridays - Italiannes are linked


my delicate fingers are missing .

We ordered a lot , about 8 dishes? or more. Sharing is caring .
11 people the bill came about only RM 400 + ,

Really worth it .

Sicilian Pizza , new menu - Must try . Seriously good .

It's topping is actually tomato + mozzarella cheese + anchovies

Our dessert , Hazelnut Chocolate cake that tasted exactly like eating a chunks of chocolate into your belly .

see what I meant ?

Part of the table .

Oh , the chocolate tiramissu cake from Secret Recipe is yumms .

Nothing better to do , so decided to post a fat picture of me in a dress with a bad edit .

The next day we had steamboat again . It wasn't planned but Sean and Loh came along .

But , this time we didn't create a scene .

I didn't burn a tablecloth again so no pictures :)

Skipped work today .
Jolly good cause I'm sick .

Should I still stuck in this confusion or what ?

I need answers . Straight Answers from you GOD .


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