Graduation week .
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Last week , my parents + sister came to KL for my convocation . We had much fun .

I miss my family . Went around KL shopping over the weekends since we're staying at the hotel ,

sis & I decided to treat our parents a nice meal since I got my first official pay since I've started working in the events company ; yes if you're wondering , all these while I wasn't paid in my previous trainings , hotels mostly only provide food so :(

so anyways , we finally had our dinner at TGIF , Pavillion since we had chinese food earlier on.

Food was awesome!

Look what we ordered ,

Sis's beef steak

My grilled lamb chop , lamb is always my favourite :P

Dad's Jack Daniel Chicken & Shrimp , one of their specialties is because the sauce is made from Jack Daniel , and it tasted like honey after that , I kept dipping my fries in it :D

Mum's Jack Daniel Salmon , yummy :)

got really nice food , accompanied with

of course nice drinks

Sis's Strawberry something I forgot what , contains alcohol , & the waiter shaked the shaker in front of us before serving it , took his pic but decided not to post in here haha

we had great time chit-chatting , so long didn't actually have our family time together , excluding Aaron :(

Looking younger and younger Daddy

Mum's Chocolate + Ice cream + Kahlua + coffee drink + Baileys

My strawberry margarita

after that we're supposed to try out this Japanese dessert shop , but was too bloated so decided not to .

Then the next day , was my convocation at KLCC Convention Centre .

I don't recall taking this picture , but yea I love the bear .
Daddy , Mummy & Sis got it for me , adds on to my Forever Bear collection .
Each and every one of my Forever Friends Bear has its meaning :)

With families.

More pictures in the DSLR back home so couldn't upload in my blog / FB .

Only this few from my sis' s camera , and some from my friends :)

People from all over the world was there . There was about 30 of them on stage .

The amount of people was omg . Waiting for our turn to take the scroll till some actually fall asleep .

but these people only from few courses in Taylors . Imagine if you have all the students , its gonna take forever .

Saw this picture , I was the girl behind the 2nd guy , haha stress moment .
We had to go up stage and bowed twice , and when the Valedictorian gave her speech , we again had to bow to our parents .

The amount of parents beats the graduating students .

The special appearance of Chef Wan shocked us .

He gave a speech and apparently , he is the top celebrity chef in the world now .

& Opera actually invited him to her show :X

After that , we had our graduation picture sessions taken , Hospitality School's like dunno how many rows this , 15 rows?

Then finally we had our cocktail receptions at the Dining hall , it was a simple and nice one with few hundreds of people in like 4 ballrooms.

With my batch's top student ( the girl with flower )

It all went well , met a lot of my ex schmates , met my aunt that I've not met for dunno how long after that with my parents ,
then sent my parents off the next day in the evening , after our rushed shoppings at TimeSquare

Now I miss them :(

My week has been really hectic , my working life is getting stressier than ever .
Decided just to update a little about last week , now gotta have pillow talk with Sharon before heading to bed :)


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