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I've been MIA for 3 weeks now , almost 4 weeks since I have actually did a proper blogging . Ever since I came back KL I've been really busy with my work , and during weekends , go out with friends to relax and enjoy after the really stressful and tiring week days of work , you will know if you follow my Tweets all the time .

Anyways , I will start blogging with things that happened since 3 weeks ago .

So the next day after I reached KL from KK , I was out with Kelly & Leslie to Sunway Pyramid to shop for house groceries and so on , we had our brunch at Dragon-I . Its been a while since I was there , used to go there for their Xiao Long Bao because someone used to love having it .

I decided to have just fried rice that day , and we had a seriously long chat, accompany Leslie to have his haircut & I couldn't remember whats next haha , shoppings definately.

Kelly! with her funny expression haha

Starbucks for tea time <3

I was busy working for 13 hours non stop at Hilton Hotel , KL sentral during the first saturday of my internship as an event planner . It was interesting and the event was a success . I had to deal with doctors and there was this talk on a products so the people who attended was brain surgeons and all . It was mooncake festival , didn't get to celebrate but I did brought home a Purple Cane mooncake courtesy the company I'm working with , their mooncakes are so special . 7 different flavours , such as oolong tea with mixed nuts , rose , charcoal etc .

Next day was out with Mary , went to do our nails at Colour Couture . Painted mine sugar plum pink and her's was dark brown? We caught the movie 500 days of Summer . Nice movie . Touching captions and its kinda a true thing that happens in our lives so we can relate to it .

Had our teatime at ToastBox , they served boiled eggs with Feathers attached . Thank god I don't have salmonella after that . Don't know how blind can they be not to clean the eggs properly.

It was our first time there anyway , their toasts are just normal to me.


The following Friday , I was out with Loh , Leslie and Kelly for dinner at New Paris . He said that place serves good chinese food , indeed . The food was okay , not to say "Very" nice but if you want a simple chinese dishes , this is definately the place to go .

We had tofu , marmite-like-kinda-chicken that they called Watermelon Chicken and veges.

cute right the watermelon balls? :D hehe

After dinner , we went to Food Foundry for dessert . Loh kept saying they have this really nice cake dessert and all only to found out , its actually the Mille Crepe Cake that I love to eat and tried when we're at Melacca . Funny how he didn't know that thats the cake that we had in Melacca because we ordered a lot of them .

The mille crepe cakes that we ordered , familiar?

Its actually crepes , layered by layered of them.

The next day , was out for brunch with Leslie & Kelly again at KimGary ,

our coconut curry meat rice , yummy! eat until flu got worse!

I forgot what else we did but I remembered cooking dinner at Leslie's and it was fun . The oil popped everywhere and hit us everywhere it was so funny.

The following weekend , explains why I dislike Banglas.

Leslie and I was walking from KL sentral on our way to Monorail station , and when we're about to cross the road , this bangla from behind stepped on my sandal and it was torned . I was like wtf @!%$# , cursing and then the fella just walked off , didn't even apologized or anything , he crossed the road , turned back and looked at me and faster ran off .

Luckily , there was this indian guy who operates a stall offered to help me . He used his knife and his nylon string wanted to help me fix my sandal and I was like nvm its okay , I mean , he's not the expert in this so yeah , Leslie went nearby and got me a sandal , while I sat there waiting for him . The indian man got me entertained , really nice fella , god bless them.

My new sandal + my waterbottle

Was at Sungei Wang for brunch , had chinese food .

then went to TimeSquare to buy Leslie's bag and we bought cookbooks and we did charity by helping this guy to find the Ingredient book that I have and blah.

and the novel that I'm currently reading , the green one up there somehow connects to my life.

I want to read Dan Brown's Lost Symbol , I think the book is not in Malaysia yet? Loh finished reading it already and I'm like yer :(

Yesterday , I spent hours doing house chores , cleaned almost the entire house , now my muscles are aching really badly. Evening I had steamboat dinner again at Summer Steamboat house.

Everything went well , we ate politely and such until all of a sudden when I was texting , our table caught fire.

Apparently , the tissue was blown to the stove and it hit the fire and started burning . Kelly was the first one to saw it and she was so calm , she's like " Fire , fire oh * staring , Leslie was so blur , he thought Kelly asked him to off the stove , and I was like " wth *panicked , cause the tissue burnt so fast and Kelly is not doing anything haha. Instead she said , just leave it when finish burn ok already . On my mind I was like , there's a tablecloth! I stood up and took my glass of lime juice and just poured on the tissue but the fire spread to the tablecloth and I took another glass of orange juice and poured on it . If don't have the drinks there , I think I would have ran out already cause nobody is doing anything .

Everyone was like suddenly stopped eating and stared at us , some even came close to see what happened . I was like " OMG , EVERYONE LOOKED AT ME MAN !" Kelly & Leslie only laughed , then I end up calling Loh instead of replying his text he was like : " Elaine , I don't know you're laughing now or crying . " then he laughed non stop after I told him what happened :S

3 of us kept laughing after that , our slow reaction and stupidity haha.

dunno crying/laughing

Our burnt table cloth :S

We went to Pyramid again after that but shops was closing , so we went to Jaafar and waste time till 1+am .

Oh yea lately I've been eating at a lot of places in KL because my office is located at the golden triangle area , but didn't take any pictures because I don't bring camera to work with me . There's this place called The Weld , kinda reminds me of the Pasir Ris mall in Singapore. Its a small mall actually , I had my lunch at a place called Old Asia , the food was not bad and its reasonable too.

The Concorde Hotel's chinese restaurant's beef noodles and dimsums are nice too . Do check out those places out if you guys happen to be there.

I'm so nervous right now . Not looking forward to work now , very scared of my presentation :(

Convocation is this coming sunday at KLCC and guess what? I just realised My hush puppie court shoe's heel is broken . #@#!$

My entire weeks is havoc , and I've been cursing non-stop ever since I don't even care anymore.

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