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Well , I've been away for quite some time now . I mean blogging , mostly on Tumblr ( which I hardly even update now ) , Twitter most of the time & also spent most of my holidays being with my family . My holidays ends today actually , tommorow I'll be working in another totally new environment , <-- Expectation damn high company , after the interview so , wish me luck ...I'll travel down to KL everyday just to work for the next 2 months . Perhaps after that , I'll get really sick of KL :S Okay so back to Happy post first . Holiday started last week , on Thursday night so Bev & I headed to Italiannes , Sunway Pyramid for dinner .

Later on , Loh and Denise joined us for The Ugly Truth . It was Bev & I's 2nd time watching it and it was still as funny as ever . Movie ended at 1am and we got nothing to do , so again another random thing we did , we went to RedBox for Karaoke till 4am.

Got no pictures from the karaoke , it was so dark but got tons of videos :S haha

Anyways , the next day was Friday . I don't remember what I did so skip that , Saturday I was out with Denise , Jill and Theresia for brunch , we went to sushi Zenmai because they craved for sushi . It was my first time there , the food was not bad..but the sushi choices are just that few.

Then we went shopping ... girls .

gave this to both Denise and GG , wrapped it up with a top one each and handmade greeting cards from Bev & I ... their super advance birthday presents.

Went to Secret Recipe later on with Denise , ordered a cake and we both ordered seriously really sour lemon juice and it acted as appetizer , we became super uberly hungry after that .

Got home , packed and went to AC for supper with Christina & then to Shah Alam and slept over at Denise's . Next day I flew back to KK with Denise . It was an enjoyable trip back with her , as usual and its been a while since we flew together haha .

It was Hari Raya , so the menu on board was beef / chicken satay & the rice seriously so spicy .

Girl , now that you're at Maldive , I'm missing you :( have fun there & take care , will see you end of this year perhaps?

Then on Wednesday went to Sutera with Bev , Raymond , Loh and Daniel came after that.
Had a nice time there pouring out everything and catching up with things after so long .

Headed to Jesselton Point after that , its been a while since I've been there? A year plus ago I think? Damn , time really flies and that place changed so much. Can even fish there now , and theres benches to sit and enjoy the seaview/ sunset/sunrise. Awesome. The wind breeze , pure bliss.

See the typos in the menu , I wonder how those foreigners read the menus , sure laugh like hell when they read.

and the very next day , had Dimsum breakfast with my parents at Hilltop . Gawd , I miss the dimsums there ... and later on daddy got me a new hp! Thanks Daddy :) I love it. Have always wanted a Blackberry and not much shop selling it and I don't want to buy it from Maxis cause the package is not worth it . Got a Blackberry Storm .

Went around shopping and then I bought my parents to Hyatt's Mosaic , the place where I once trained for dessert . My ex collegue treated us ! Hoho free ice creams :D

Hyatt's homemade icecream .

For dinner , we had Bak Kut Teh opposite Jesselton. My favourite bak kut teh of all time :P no pic cause busy eating. Was really really full. At this rate , we all think that we had food marathon in a day but it didn't end there . Got home and my dad asked me to try out the organic durian . Have you guys heard of it? I thought it was something special , I am not a fan of durian but when I heard of organic , I tried it , it was okay for a person who doesn't like the smell of durian but wants to taste how durian taste like / the strong taste in it .

my new shoes :)

bought a lot of new clothes too and I should not buy anymore for now.

Mum treated us for icecream at Vedablu @1B FATS! and Dad's treat for dinner at Gaya Sports ,mixed seafood claypot thingy with my favourite buttercrab and steamfish , yumms.

Ok this is entirely a delayed posts so I'm just going even backwards now .

Now that training is on , lack of teman to eat this la .

I mean , at an extremely huge amount in one night/morning . Everytime we order , the people will give us a kind of stare and be shocked and goes like , want more?? *smiling haha

Will only be seeing Bev maybe end of this year ? :(
Loh leaving to Perak next year .
Daniel leaving to Bangladesh / Indonesia / India ? soon .

" Every hello , always ends with a goodbye . "

Till Then , going out. Cheers!

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