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Sunday, April 19, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Okay , the title of this post is totally irrelevant with my post .

This weekend was pretty normal , went out for yumcha sessions with Marvin and SioSen at AC the other night .

then the rest of my days is spent , staying home online , cleaning , watch movie and reading cook books .

Is it just me or everyone? Lately the weather is really killing me . Its so warm that its kinda like a mood spoiler thing . The moment I step out of the house I started sweating and all that . Which makes going out for drinking session is kinda a no-no plan this week , I'd rather stay inside my room with my aircon on , spending time just with myself .

Global warming , sigh .

Anyways , this post is random that I decided to post few pictures of what I like in my room that makes me feel cosy especially at night when the lights are dim , and its time to just close my eyes and relax for a bit .

This is where I always put my storybooks , ipod ... around with me so when Im on my bed I can just read some books while listening to some songs and fall asleep on my bed .

This is where I put my laptop , and more books with some table decorations and a table lamp .

my mirror was decorated with lantern lamps too , if I don't want the lights to be so bright , I'll just off the table lamp and switch on the mirror lights .

This is where I always post encouraging and " what people think about Elaine " comments .
Theres my itinearies , my timetable , neoprints , cards , souveniors etc ...

When I'm feeling down , I often turn to this board and read everything ... it cheers me up .

Last but not least , my favourite is of course the bed =D

To keep me warm and feeling peaceful everynight before I sleep .

Gotta go , might update more later .


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