Beginning of Term 6 .
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Term 6 , during our HR class ...

Gawd , we all hate this class not because the subject is boring ... but the lecturer .

She taught the whole term 6 diploma students Human Resource and all of her students complaint about her ...

Just because she keep repeating the same thing , over and over again ... even if its the 4th lessons she still did the same thing and 1 freaking objective slide , the slide that tells you what you going to learn in that chapter? she can talk for 10 minutes . It's supposed to be like just a 3 minutes thing.

her classes are so boring that , most of us couldn't bother to pay attention to her ... its like a sleeping session for us .

Funny how , during our 10-15 minutes break time ... everyone is awake to camwhore lol!

Or eating , as usual...

Bev & Lily ...

French made "Easy" not .

This term's french lecturer Ms Adil suck . I have issues with her .

Frankly speaking , no 1 : she took attendance and questioned me that I never show her my work when the truth is 90% of the class never show her our work and she only mentioned me!

so I was pissed , I walked up to her and showed her my work ( its only the 2nd class) .

Only , to get her replying this : Girl , frankly speaking , I think your entire class did well on this . Let's just don't waste time on this ? Okay?

WTH right? Just because you marked 5 people's work you don't assume that whole class is good in it!

and you're the one who said I didn't show you my work and when I did you said no need to check .

so what you want me to do?

Nevermind . Next day we had our 3rd lessons with her . She asked us to prepare 3 interview scripts for her .

So we did . Bev and I showed it to her and so omg? She only read through like half of the first interview script and she go like correcting one sentence and she walked off .

Even sad is that , she corrected that one sentence , telling us ... she is not quite sure with the word's spelling . Asked us to refer dictionary .


How to learn French this term?? I myself also not quite sure having this lecturer is really , sigh .

I don't need her coming into the class every session telling us how tough is our exam going to be . How our exam this term , they will implement the new system ... Defal or something like that..its something like TOEFL and IELTS but just that this is French's .

Its just a waste of time that every lesson she had to talk about it , like repeat things over and over again .

During HR classes ,

Spot our boring lecturer in front . She also has this weird slang that we dunno what slang it is but its just so ... sucky .

See what I mean? Having 2 days of holidays out of 5 school days ain't helping us at all to stay up in her class .

Instead it got worst .

Had Beer Tasting class yesterday for Applied Tech Class .

Few of the cans that we drank..

Drinking with straw , Get high =D

After that , we had serving class at night . During mise-en-place some people are like already tipsy and high ... lol .. its so funny seeing people talking loudly in the kitchen .. and keep laughing for no reason . LOL .


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