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I'm feeling so productive today!

Woke up as usual , 12 pm ... as a pig...well..can't get up actually but decided to wake up because I've tons of chores to do...

Picked up my laundry , bought some groceries...then came home..cooked..and cleaned my room floor...and then sort my clothings..( I've a feeling my wardrobe going to collapse for the 3rd time anytime soon )...

anyways , after sweeping and sorting out stuffs...I wanted to continue cooking and NO WATER! I waited for like an hour and start editing pictures ... and then..STILL NO I went to pay the waterbill...and they said its because they have emergency repairs...I'm amazed so many people went to pay waterbill ... and then the men told me won't have water until yeah..since I cooked rice...I went to the chinese shop to tapau the extras and then I came home..eating and now blogging..=S

Yesterday , went out with Loh and Denise for Dinner! went to SS15 then decided to eat dinner at Sunway Pyramid we went to try out Friendster cafe...since its our first time there...I ordered green curry fish ala thai..the green curry there sux ! I still like The Apartment's . I have the picture but I ain't going to post it hehe..

Later that we went shopping for Loh's "friend's" birthday her a really cute bear and a four leaf clover stop , we went again to Republic for a drink...nice chit-chatting with them both...I had fun =) we took a lot of crazy pictures...well it's 12am on a sunday night ! what else can be done? lol..


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