Another Day out .
Saturday, January 31, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Ok , so basically this whole chinese new year I'm either stuck at home or spending my time at Sunway Pyramid stuffing myself with Japanese / Korean / Italian food which I am not supposed to eat seafood but heck I broke the rules =SSS hopefully nothing bad will happen ...

Anyways , Sharon ( my childhood friend ) came to visit me after..3457849 years of not seeing her , the last time was I think .. i dont know..2 yrs ago? and it was only for movie..SINCE we're so busy with our life ... so she came and I took her out again to Sunway Pyramid because she wanted to shop...and later on her boyfriend joined us , but that was when we came back to Mentari Court...and then they both stayed overnight at my place ... the next day we had a little lunch cooking session before she left again to Sunway Pyramid in the evening with her boyfriend...

Took pictures with her again after so long!

Friends Forever =)

Anyways , time for my Mcdonald dinner again .


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