She .
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She's a girl full with wonders on her mind .

Everyday she wakes up thinking about her everything .

Just because she's a thinker .

She hates being alone .

Because she tends to be insecure , not just anything , but everything .

At times , she just feel tired .

Yet , deep inside her she knew she never give up .

Sometimes she wish she don't have to feel how she felt everyday .

Because she's just so vulnerable , she knew she'll break down anytime .

She find it hard to trust people nowadays , because everyone proved to her she was wrong .

One by one , she saw them , instead of leaving footprints in the sand , she saw the water washed them away .

And the water , is not any ordinary water , but the tears from her heart .

She hide herself thinking , how can she face another day ,

One day , she stopped thinking for a second , and listened to her heart .

Which tells her ,

" Be Strong ! You still have a journey to walk , a life to tell everyone " .

She thought she must be tougher than who she think she was .


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