2nd day of College .
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To simplify things , my life is still as it is , still upside down , am still trying to cope up with things ...

Am going to learn Law this term , it's going to be tons of fun with the expectations that we have for our lecturer and our lecturer's expectation from us ...she's a really cool lecturer that I had for Sales and Marketing last term , a New Zealander...a sporting - fun - hyper - stylish - chic - young - pretty - smart( she's a lawyer too ) lecturer...she's just perfect!

She asked us what is our expectations from her , and she said ask and we shall receive...so she promised us this ;)

- To have longer break time in between classes ( 5-10 mins / 30 mins)

- To have the full answers , notes and questions for exams ( HAHAHA!)

- To give us all ang pau (LOL!)

- To give us full attendance even if we're not...

- To have a fun class , with sharing of stories ...& of course knowledge...

- To ensure our average passing marks for her paper is 90% ... (want to break senior's record of 75%)

- To give us easy assignments

Guess what? she signed all of these on the whiteboard , even took a picture of it with her cellphone as evidence...

Most importantly , we said if she don't abide with it , we can SUE HER. ;)

Her expectation towards us was simple too ...

- To give her full attendance even if she's not =P *cheers lol

- To give her long break ( so she can enjoy her peppermint tea )

- To be punctual

- To make the class a fun one

lastly , she can SUE US if we don't abide with it LOL...

She made 3 class representatives to shake our hands by giving them "power of authority" and they have to shake ours as a sign that we agreed with all the expectations =D

Imagine that .

Serving was quite a mess up today after so long , but overall its okay =D

Had fever yesterday , but now I'm good...but still having sore throats...

oh yeah , had elections too for people who is going to be in charge for food promotion this term...the date is set on the 14th of February 2008 , Valentines day... Guess what? I'm on marketing side ... need to plan to get sponsorship , selling of tickets , posters ? ... stress stress stress !

Now I think time is limited again , for once .. my schedule is a hectic one :(!

I'm thinking , I wonder if you're ?


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