Christmas is just around the corner..
Tuesday, December 23, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

Merry Christmas 2008 to each and everyone of you !

Tommorow is already Christmas eve .

Suddenly I felt like my schedule is so pack again ... Went to the dentist today and checked all my teeth ... everything is perfectly fine now...

Tommorow going to Taylor's Office to pay my school fees .. then to Sabah Medical Centre and maybe church at night or the next day ...

My next appointment will be to have another hair cut...which is on the the very same night's going to be my uncle's house warming..

and the next day I'm flying back to KL...yes , changed my airticket today ... because my mum decided that she wanted to leave KK for good ... and I kinda spoiled her plan by persuading my dad to it's also part of the plan so that I can go back KL to do my report...which I dumbly left my piles of informations there before coming back KK for my 2nd training...and another part of the plan was to suprise my sis...which will be going over to KL on the same day for a short 3 days as said , our family reunion will be like in KL now instead of KK... and also the last time I met my sis was early this year...

it was meant to be a suprise not until the stupid fella in AirAsia sent a copy of the itineary to my sis's email instead of mine without consulting me . I was so pissed off and was like telling the fella that he ruined the plans and he was like..sorry la n expected...sis did asked all of us why all of a sudden we are going over and she's scared that my parents is there to spot check her and her boyfriend....Lol..

anyways after that I'll be alone in the house for a couple of days before school reopen . ALONE in Mentari Court . Don't know to be happy or sad .

So to Denise , it's confirm that I won't be flying back with you anymore...for once I'm not your flying buddy .. =S

Instead of having 2 weeks , now I only have 3 days left to do everything before leaving ... omgosh . So much to do , so little time?

p /s : Becareful with what you wish for , because you just might get it all .


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