I love my job .
Thursday, November 13, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

Oh yeah Im surely loving my job right now , who doesn't ? 

When you get to start working at 9am and start doing things you didn't expect yourself will do ... and everyday seems like theres a new challenge because everyday there's a new task . Im currently at Sales and Marketing department and at the same time I'm under Public Relations of the Hotel so everyday theres always a different tasks given by the PR Manager ... she's a cool lady originally from KK but migrated to Australia and she has this really nice accent and its so nice working with her . She'll explain to you whatever tasks you have to do and she will tell you why . It seems so meaningful to work when you know what you're doing . People at the sales department are funny somehow someways . 

Currently I have a tasks which requires me to confirm 200+ peoples for their participation for a golf invitation by Hyatt at SGCC on the 22nd of November . It ain't easy keeping up with this people everyday but I'm loving it . Apart from that I also did a lot of other tasks which is fun =) that includes decorating xmas tree and mistletoes . 

So far I've learnt a lot from there ... and I'm enjoying every moment there ... =) I'm glad I did and I'm feeling sad its going to be over soon . Oh well ...

saw a nice quote from one of the charity letter I read today at work .

" There have been angels in our life . While they haven't arrived with a blast of trumpets or a rustle of wings , we've known them just the same . They performed their acts in human guise , sometimes borrowing the faces of family and friend , sometimes posing as well meaning strangers . You have known them too when just the right word was needed , when a tiny act of kindness made a great differences or perhaps you heard a voice whispering in a night of sorrow , the words not quite clear but the meaning unmistakable there is hope ... there is hope . "

I believe in angels . =)


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