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People , I'm glad to say Im still alive =)

Well , basically ...nothing much to blog about ... in this period of time things aren't as smooth as they are ...

because :

Im in the housekeeping department for about 2 weeks already and I dislike some of the people there . People in front office are better than them in some ways . In House keeping I tend to become easily tired compared to front office and I hate my shift time because everyweek or every 3 days my schedule will change and that sux because my sleep time and my meal times are always changing I find it so hard to get used to it . working at night sometimes is nice , but when it comes to powercuts and heavy rains , I rather be at home . I always get that eerie feelings when I go into guest's rooms at night or walk alone in the pathway. =X I really hate it...oh well..

and the other day I was doing this turn down service ( we didnt turn but end up just changed their soiled towels ) at room 428 , there was like a bunch of drunk japanese people inside the room which mainly is guys and only a girl ... before we left the room they stopped us and gave us a very huge sum of tips ... rm 102 for just changing their towels! Gawd me and the kakak was thinking the guy is blur since he's drunk ... so well we end up telling our service leader about it and asked the japanese staff to confirm whether the tips is for us . so probably friday then can know the result because me and the kakak on leave this 2 days . =D

Im glad my period came on time ( yesterday ) and it really hurts so much so I end up staying home . and today is my offday . =D so , I'm happy =)

but the sad part is , I'm sick again . Having flu and sore throats . =( Hate this feeling so much!

and and ... I lost my valentine gift from that special someone =(( sigh , yea I LOST the ring ...!

its been about 2 weeks + since I lost it and up till today I still can't find it . =(((((((

Mothers day was alright .
My mum is happy . I didn't do much but my bro and I only made and bought cards for my mum. since im so busy with my hectic schedule and don't have time to shop I'm glad at least I bought my mum something .
Daddy treated mummy and I for a dinner at fish and co .
That night it was really packed at Fish & Co . We reached there at 7pm end up waiting for another 20 minutes for the table .

and I tell you , the staff there .. their services are really getting bad . Why?

This is what happened that night...

when we reached , I approached a staff for a table and asking in a polite way " Umm , is there still any table available? "

and their staff responds was ... well he looked around and he just walks off like that .

ya how nice right to reply your guest like this when they're talking to you in a polite way .

so fine I thought , perhaps I should ask someone else... so I went to this lady staff here ... standing in front of this table doing nothing but waiting for people to approach to her .
As I called her , she went off to another bunch of guests who is well people who rather came later than me and gave them the waiting list to write their names and contact number so when theres a table available they'll give you a call .

at this time I was really pissed already , who isn't right?
I mean come on I'm here FIRST , I'm ASKING for a table , YOUR STAFF walks off , I APPROACHED someone else ... AGAIN your staff IGNORES me and go for other guests who came LATER than me!

When the guests APPROACH the staffs in the restaurant themselves this is already a very bad sign of BAD SERVICE!

so after the lady wrote down her contact numbers and her name on the waiting list , the lady staff went off and passed the waiting list to a guy .

This time I spoke to the guy . well he was a friendly man . but I am really mad with the two staffs there so yea when I spoke to the guy I talked to him in a very rude way already .
He wrote my name on the list and my contact number and I go like : " Im here earlier than that bunch of people over there , yet no one entertains me and your colleague ignores me when I approached to her just now and instead of writing my name first in the list she wrote that bunch of people's name first . * staring at the guy with a mad eyes . "

and he replied , " Okay Ms , don't worry I'll call you first when we have the table . "

and so he did after 20 minutes , And I'm happy to see that the bunch of people is not there yet when I'm having my dinner .

Lucky for him , or else I'll shout my dissatisfaction right to his face that night .

Anyways , Im feeling really sick right now ... gotta go and get some rest .

Miss you people.


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