Unhealthy .
Sunday, March 16, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

I'm feeling so unhealthy for the past , how many months ... 3 months? or more?
Been eating fast food like few times a week ...McDonald ... Thanks to their delivery service ... I'm having McDonald for either brunch , dinner or supper for like few times a week ...

Next comes Cheesecake , sometimes I don't feel like eating anything but cake , there goes cheesecake for dinner and breakfast . =X

Went to Sunway Pyramid last thursday night to meet LauYingHui who came all the way from Singapore with Denise . Yap Cheng Yah tagged along . It was a long night , we had fun chit-chatting after so long of not meeting or contacting each other , I'm suprised I got a phone call from Lau to meet up like a week ago so yeah , we had the Hartz Chicken Buffet , It was like RM 20++ per person and it seriously SUCK! Went there because Lau wanted to try it out , since we never eat there so we decided to give it a try , or else we'll end up at KimGary again =D Bad impression towards that restaurant . I will never ever go there anymore , the floor was like so sticky , I was having hard time walking with my flats ... I swear I was like keep cursing and complaining while walking there . Up till today I still wonder why so many people go there and eat , the food was like normal..and its not as nice ... Instead of chicken feast , I think I only ate like 2 piece of chicken and the rest is like fruits and cake?

After everything , Denise and I left the restaurant and we end up at Halo Cafe .
She ordered Fantasy Journey which is the one on the right , and mine was Norway Forest or something , I couldn't remember the name... nice mocktail though ... enjoyed the musics =)

Went to The Curve yesterday . Went Ikea to shop for furnitures . I shall elaborate more on that some other time . Overall , I had fun ... was at ikea since 11am till 1+ pm ... then went to the curve to search for a place to eat lunch , end up having lunch at 1920 italian restaurant . Its a Specialty Restaurant with Italian Themes . Tried their Pasta which is what the restaurant recommended , it was a mixture of brocolli , olive oil , turkey ham , and parsley . It cost me MYR14 (Starter) and MYR 18 ( Main course) ... tried out their pizza and apple iced tea too ... didn't take any pictures =D

Gawd , I just love this ... very nice =)

I'm being random again . =)



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