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It's been a while since I've last updated , year end exam just ended and I'm back in KK for 3 months industrial training at Shangri - La Rasa Ria Resort ... and today is my first day of working , and I'm currently attached with Front Office Department as a Guest Relation Officer , which means I always have to communicate with the guests and VIPs ... Had lots of fun today but I'll only blog about it later on =X . I do like my current working environment but I hate it because of a few reasons too ... mainly because of the workers there , some are really not hospitable one . Friendly my A**

Overall , I think it did not started out as bad as I've expected ? and this is my first time working ... and I'm working in a 5 star resort , which my family actually knew people and my relatives is the current boss for few departments . I just hope I won't screw up this 3 months ! pray for me!

So yea I felt so loved by someone lately =)

- he bought me my favourite breakfast , brunch , dinner & supper for the past one week! ( Noodle , more MCD's , & Secret Recipe ) Trying to make me fat aye? =)

- then he moved my belongings with me to my new house .
p/s : Thanks for helping if it wasn't for you , I don't think I can even move all my things in a day , somemore next day I'm flying back to KK and I really did had fun moving things with you ... remembered the moment you carried the mattress and waited for the escalator for like 15 minutes in the end we gave up and went to Sunway Pyramid ..=P really sorry for troubling you le... and we helped like 4 negros from 2 different places & the next day I helped another one in the airport =D

- he bought me a Forever Bear teddy bear because I did well in my assesments ...

Angel Forever Bear =)

- made me another handmade card which made me teared everytime I read it ... especially those encouragement words that you gave me ...

- he had sudden idea to celebrate my birthday earlier due to me being in KK during my birthday and bought me a cake from Secret Recipe ... and yet in the card promised to celebrate one more time after I come back from KK . p.s : " one year so many birthday oh me . =P "

one of the cake that he bought for my breakfast , I forgot to take picture of my birthday cake =X

Banana Choco~

Basically we had tons of fun at sunway pyramid ... he treated me to a nice dinner at Ole - Ole Bali ... we had really delicious food . Its Thai based cuisine but I ate grilled lamb chop and he ordered some beef steak thingy ... then we had this 2 special mocktail ... mine was some virgin martini and his was something virgin something ... hahaha gawd I can't remember the names ... but its really a nice dinner ~ =) the ambience was really nice with traditional themes , we sat on the mat thingy and everybody there is like older than us , those working people ... it made me feel so ... weird ... like giving me that feeling of we're not supposed to be there...=X

Later that we did shoppings ... well , its Him who shopped for the night , we got this too =)

Cowgirl & Cowboy

and he decided to give a final boost on his attempt to make me even more fatter before coming back to KK by treating me Haagen - Daze ice cream!

The ice cream was pure delicious ! its Flower Blossom . Combination of 6 types of your own preferred Ice cream ... MYR 29.90 .. really nice ... its a must try! look at its presentation , notice the red hearts? its so cute =)

remember my " baby " that I talked about ? it is ...

my new... Ipod Classic! Bought it all the way from Singapore ... and its way cheaper there ... about MYR884 ( Malaysia - MYR 1099 ), then comes with one free adapter which cost MYR110...then I bought the white pouch and screen protector for MYR120 ...

Then yesterday went out shopping with my dad , and I end up with another new baby , my new Sony camera T-300! Its RED in colour & touch screen based ! got it also at a really good price , MYR 1599 ( Original Sony Price ) but ... their offer was you top up MYR128 for a 4gb sony memory card ( MYR 299) and a leather pouch ( MYR 128 )... its like I'm only paying for the pouch and the memory card is free + the fella gave me free screen protector which cost another (MYR 20) ...

Then at night after dinner went to shopping at Wawasan Plaza and bought a new wallet , it's from Guess . Love it =)

Thats about it for today , I gotta start typing my report about my today's working experience before I forget anything . Tatas people . For those who are doing your industrial trainings , All the best !


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