Short Updates =P
Friday, November 23, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

I'm finally back after a long "break" from blogging . =P

Can't help but I had lots of assignments to do and assesments .

Having red eyes infection since last saturday , stayed home for like a week and been absent for classes since last saturday , oh great ! Asssesments are brought forward to next week due to me being absent for a week and it's really stressing me up because I'll still have other assesments next week . Thank God my eyes are recovering well except that my visions are a bit blurry somehow . Just woke up from my nap and I feel so fresh now =D

To think about it , 22 more days till I'm home . 19 more days till Term 2 is over . That means next week onwards I'm going to have my 2nd mid term assesments + final exams ! Stress , stress , stress!

On the other hand , Im kinda looking forward to go home . A lot of friends overseas are coming back home and also coming to Sabah for holidays . Really can't wait to meet them =)

Xmas is coming soon & I hope I'll have time to go X'mas shopping before going home =S

Owh yeah , Thanks to all of you who came to the house to visit me this week and brought me lunch and all . You guys are wonderful =)) I love you people ! =)) I'm missing you guys too , guess I missed out a lot of fun at school too ! God bless you guys !

when you're down sometimes I just don't know what to do ...


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