What can I do?
Monday, May 28, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

Sometimes we just have to let go .

It's things that we may change in the future , if we have the chance .

Or , it will just will be the same . forever .

No one knows . Only Him .

Only GOD knows .

It's desires that hold us down .

Desires .

It's desire that wreck our lifes sometimes .

And this "desire" has caused me a lot of problems .

and I mean A LOT .

I'm tired of holding on .

Holding on to that "Desire" .

It used to be a "beautiful desire"

The one that I can always dream of over and over again .

And yet it causes a lot of pain too .

The pain which I can't tell .

Which I won't know until when .

This " desire " left me with nothing but negative sides of me .

I never see the negative sides of my personality until this all happened .

Seriously , it scares me . It really does .

and I'm really tired of it . I am .

I don't want to feel this way no more .

I want to learn to move on .

Clinging to that strand of hope ain't working .

perhaps . I think so it is now .

After all , who knows about the future?

I'm tired of it .

I can't get satisfy .

I can't get enough .

I can't be happy .

I can't move on .

All the I can'ts I can possibly think of .

I guess I'm wasting you & I's time .

Go and have the time of your life .

I grant you this .

Finally huh?

Use it well , I hope .

Because I know , One thing for sure ,

I will .

Wait & See .


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