Make Ups & Cam Whoring ;; Girls just wanna have fun .
Tuesday, April 10, 2007 // 3 comment(s)

So yesterday was suppose to go out and watch movie with Eilvane since it was her "off" day , but ended up instead of going to the movies I went to her place and we started chit-chatting , playing with make ups & cam-whoring! here are the pictures ,

Me . I still think I don't look like myself .

You seem yummylicious ... I want to eat you! =D

A decent picture of us both .

Trying to show off hair ends ... but Failed =P (mine's covered)

I look proud here !
And we started getting "Cacat"...

Another picture of us =D

Alright actually have more pictures , like we took more than 60 photos =D ... lazy want to post all of them out so just post a few pictures that I REALLY like .

P/s : To anonymous bitch or bastard , if you love texting me and harassing me it's welcome =D
Just to tell you , Get a life . I don't spend time reading all your stupid messages and reply
them . Its just a waste of time . With all the stupid stories and using people's name to make
up a totally *FAKE* stories , you won't get anything out of me . You're just telling me to
label you as a low - life person who doesn't have anything to do but keep sending stupid &
lame crap stories that whatever your imagination can think of . I reckon your imaginations
are too good you shall just proceed to creating porno story books for any perverts out
there especially for yourself . Because you're addicted to it . & Please Don't go on telling me
that I'm stupid and I think Im cute or pretty or whatsoever . I know myself well and you
don't even know about yourself and yet you insult me . Oh, just because whoever is your bf
or whoever's bf is close to me doesn't mean I OWN them , They are just my friends . Yes
I do get along with peoples in school , perhaps your so called *crush* or *bf* is one of
them and so you start telling me that I take them away from you? lame la you . & I
bet people like you don't have any guy friends that's why you're so jealous and desperate
for one until you have to talk like a hooker . and also act like one . Perhaps you're one . Who
knows kan? But judging by the sms you sent me , I think you're one because you exposed
yourself telling me about your sad & pathetic sex life . Oh boy do I even care? Or asked?
Lame. And Puh lease la , stop using my friend's name ... or other possible names you can
think of and tell me what they said about me ... because they are good people and good
friends to me & they won't do useless things like you did . Kept telling me about the same
old few things , I got bored more new stories? or you ran out of ideas to describe me?
Of course you ran out of ideas don't even know Elaine Leong . Hear that? Oh and
don't think you're so smart lah , you think you created the World ah now? Say 5s2 people
like stupid like that , comment on people's english proficiency somemore ... your english
suck ten times worser la , He or she also cannot differentiate properly , Bet & Bait? omg la...
oh and Hotel management / Tourism line is good because I can have customers to have sex
with me everyday? Fuh , you wish la . You know that u're the one wanted it . You go for it
loh . I never heard of such nonsense fact la . Only people like you can think of it . Hello? Is
sex = all matters in your life ah? Call me fatt hau poh ? Smelly? *Smells* I'm pure clean &
not fatt hau either . Unlike you , since sex is like your everything you sure sleep with too
many people thus often have that stinky odours on you huh? Give me a break la. Get a life .


Anonymous Anonymous said on April 10, 2007 at 10:11:00 PM GMT+8  

whuao.. the pictures.. really nice o!! plus pretty also! but a bit doesn't really looks like you oh.. real person nicer of course!! =D btw, that person who keep sms you bad stuff, just ignore it and don't think about it! that person doesn't have a life. you do.. and you care =) so why not keep it to yourself and let that person have a bad life!! pretty gurl!!!!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said on April 10, 2007 at 10:43:00 PM GMT+8  

hmmm elaine hav u figured out whos d sorry f*ckface yet?? pitty u~ having 2 deal with d*ckh**ds like dat~ no worries la its a phase~ remember exist to inspire~ ppl like dat can go suck on their daddy's c**k la~ so 4get them aight~

Blogger EiLvaNe said on April 11, 2007 at 11:02:00 AM GMT+8  

you tell her man!!

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