Curse you all the stealers in the world!
Friday, March 9, 2007 //

A.k.a the person who stole my cellphone last year & the one who broke into Jeremy's car window two days ago and snatched his precious and new Quicksilver bagpack + his Quicksilver card wallet with all his important documents in it + Sony camera + His Snorkeling set ! Curse you @#@!#!!!!!! and made him pay up for the broken window you arse did & the time he wasted to go re-do all his important documents !!!!!

Ahhh I'm so angry now!

I dyed my hair red today , didn't bleach it... but I love my hair colour now ... I used the colour medium blonde intensive red copper from Schwarzkopf and I'm loving it =D . My pervious highlights colour all changed to blood red =X . Besides that , I've fixed my nails too... so I guess it's alright now =))

Still feeling angry ! May the Cops be with you soon Criminals . Amen .