Tam Nak Thai Restaurant, Api-Api Centre Kota Kinabalu Sabah.
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Today I would like to introduce you to this amazing thai restaurant that has been around for more than 10 years :) and honestly, their food is still that delicious ever since I stepped into this shop some many years ago, and of course my most recent visit to this restaurant was on Valentine's Day :) - Tam Nak Thai Restaurant.

If I'm not mistaken the owner of this shop is actually a Thai too , which explains the various really authentic thai cuisines that is offered in the menu and their dishes are sure to not disappoint you.

In my opinion, this shop is rather unique it serving its rice to their guests. They actually used a silver pot and delivered their rice using the russian service. Whats interesting about this is that you don't see this service that much around places like KK and for RM 1.20 per person, you can get unlimited refills for your rice :) Their staffs are really attentive and are always polite and pleasant to their guests.

Gai Tom Kah - RM 13

This soup is definitely my favorite soup among the available thai soup that I've tasted since I don't take tom yam really well. This is like a less spicier version of tom yam soup and it is really tasty because they cook it with coconut milk , some lemon grass for appetizing , chicken and chilies for taste. I have tasted this soup previously during my visits to Thailand, and I must say that the soups are comparable to each other's in taste.

Nuer Yarng - RM 16

Next we had is the Nuer Yarng, which translate to " Grilled Angus Sirloin". The meat itself is a tad-bit dry because its sliced thinly and grilled, this dish is accompanied by its own thai sauce, which has a hint of sweet and sour taste to it.

Gai Pahd Med - RM 13

This dish is actually called " Chicken with Cashew Nuts" and yes, I love cashew nuts with any dishes that I've had so far and this combinations are perfect. The breast chicken is cooked with black soy sauce, spring onions, mushrooms and onions just to name a few and it tasted really sweet and easy in the mouth.

Tawd Man Pla - RM 15
For that night, our last main course was this Thai fish cakes. This dish is usually served as an appetizers back in Thailand but not for this shop.  The texture of this dish is firm and bouncy, made with red curry paste, some lime leaves and really fresh fish. The taste of the lime leaves and red curry paste compliments each other and dipping it with the fresh made chili dips made the whole dish tasted even better. It actually reminds me of the famous nyonya dish , otak-otak :), well some say its actually the same because their recipes are really similar.

As for desserts, my parents and I ordered different desserts. Each of this desserts looked quite similar, which actually is the crushed ice dessert, similar to our famous Malaysian dessert called the ABC .

Tap Tim Benj - RM4

Both of my parents opt for this , which actually is crushed iced top up with coconut milk, brown sugar syrup, sago, jackfruit and waterchestnut , I tasted this and I really liked it!

Saguruamuit - RM 4

and for myself I chose this instead of my initial choice which was the mango dessert because they ran out of it :( This is actually quite similar to the first dessert, just that it has more corns and mangoes in it . Well, look at the generous amount of ingredients they put in my dessert, I was really bloated when I'm done with all of it heh.

I highly recommend to everyone who haven't try out this amazing thai restaurant to pay a visit and savour their delicious cuisines because there isn't many thai restaurants available in town currently. You can find them at ;

Tam Nak Thai Restaurant
Unit 5/G5, Ground & 1st Floor,
Api-Api Centre, KK.
Tel: 088- 258 328

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Hello. :) Been introduced your blog by Hayden to me! :)

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wow, the neur yarng thing looks damn nice sia *drools*

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