Kuala Lumpur - SOULed Out Restaurant & Bar, Ampang
Monday, December 6, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Last friday night, 
after resting and done with my packing,
I headed out with Denise for dinner at a place called 
Souled Out Restaurant and Bar.

this place wasn't what I expect it to be.
The ambiance I mean, its so different.
Was expecting fully air-con place, and live bands and etcs,
but turns out it has 70% of its restaurant open air, and no live band but DJ is around to spice things up.
But I really liked it,
because the food was up to my expectations, and the beverages are unique in its own ways.
the only downside to it was, 
there was a lot of parties going on that night.
like 3-4 huge crowds which 2 was just next to our table.
We sat near the DJ and the crowds was making tons of noise it gets so irritating
until they closed the door then everything was fine again.

So, just a few pictures from that place.

the view from upstairs, the place we sat.

our carbonara pasta with ham and button mushroom , very delicious ;)


my date for the night :)

mixture of sour sop, guava, strawberry, mango = exotic bliss 
it tasted sweet and its just nice to my liking.
I love it.

Our BBQ chicken pizza,

it is a good place to dine in and chill out whether it is with your lover/ friends.
Good music, great food and beverages and lovely ambiance.
Did I mention,
it was also voted as one of the best casual dining restaurant by Hospitality Asia Platinum Award 2010-2012.
and the management is actually the same management as 7atenine( not sure about the 7atenine that I visited in SG before but definitely is the same as the KL ones )

Do check them out here : SouledOut

Till Then.

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