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Past pictures from Simon's Birthday party at Piccadilly.

Piccadilly is a place where you can find all sorts of local and western food, a place for chilling with friends to have beers or shisha at a reasonable price.

Yesterday I was out with my cousin doing my phone stuffs and
 we spent our remaining time trying out 2 newly opened restaurants at Sunway Pyramid.

It was Ninja Joe,
a Japanese fast food which serves pork burgers !
The pork patty was very tender indeed, very easy in the mouth,
you can't even fill it when you're biting it.
Their burger size however was really small,
probably size of a doughnut at RM5.50 each, or you can order up to 6 at one go at RM23.90,
with 6 different flavors for one each ;D

I had The Big Boss instead,
normal size burger, with normal pork patty,
and inside there's egg. 
I asked for bacon and cheese which is an additional of RM1 each 
but they ran out of bacon :(

Ordered a side dish called Shuriken ,
its actually potato and pork meat nugget,
imo it was delicious but it would be better if it has lesser oil and, its crunchier like normal nugget.

After that we met up with another cousin of mine whom I have not met for more than 10 years.
She's a future lawyer, and she looked so so so different from the last time I met her.
We decided to watch Megamind 3D then, thus we bought our movie ticket and then head to 
the Toilet Bowl Restaurant, which actually is just right next to Ninja Joe.

They both had Banana split and I had Fruit Mix.
Mine was actually presented with 4 little chocolate bear biscuits, fresh cut strawberries, chunks of mangoes , a scoop of vanilla ice cream with shaved ice. 
I seriously felt so happy eating it, like a kid.

The banana split was presented with 2 crispy waffles, 3 scoops of ice cream - chocolate, vanilla and strawberry , not to forget , smarties!

The bowl that they used resembled the toiletries or toilet units, ours was presented in a light blue bath tub. Unique, however I think that the overall interior of the restaurant could be better.

Service wise it was a bit bad, as they don't have enough staffs thus it was rather slow.
Aside from that, the food I think it was alright and quite reasonable.

the movie Megamind was just alright to me.
Nothing really special, though it was funny at some parts.
That concludes my sunday night (:

This week is the last week of class.
3 more days to be precise.
Then its study leave,
and exams.

time flies!

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