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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

First day of class after 3 weeks of holidays.

1) Finally got confirmation regarding the event designs I did , waiting for the emails for the amendments needed to do plus a whole lot more to do definately. Should be happy or excited about this, but I don't feel it anymore. Getting stressed out because the event is in a month time. A lot of PR stuffs to catch up on!

2) Informed about Dissertation Proposal presentation and submission in 2 weeks time. Will only know mentor by this Friday. * eyes wide open

3) Lots and lots of replacement classes this week! Especially French and Marketing. Ugh. Marketing presentation for assignment 4 this Friday. Can't wait to see the video we did.

4) Got a new group assignment on Revenue Management due in 2 weeks time. Followed by a mid-term exam next week or the week after. It depends.

5) Law case study presentation next week. Yet to discuss on that assignment. Got to rush the others already.

6) Good that Baskin Robins , Famous Amos, Starbucks and Bread Story is opening soon in Lakeside. Seriously, that whole friggin boring building is slowly turning awesome.

7) Period.

8) Had Ayam Penyet with 9 others today, and seriously the chili was the spiciest I've ever tested.  The guys were sweating and turned red while eating it. Only the Indonesian girl managed to eat it like as if its water to her and she wasn't even sweating. Only red lips. So amazing.

Well I think that is too much to take on the first day. Filled with assignments and more to come. Looking forward for the better.

Till Then.

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