Tabs + BayBeats = Awesome.
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Last friday after my marketing class,
I flew myself to Singapore to catch Mr David Choi's awesome performances.

Shopped a bit while waiting for my sister in between and after that for dinner we headed to
Tabs in Orchard road.

We were 3 hours earlier than everyone else even though we did table reservation
and so we end up playing M.Deal to spend the time.

Aside that we had good german beers and a few tapas,
also tried shrimp satay, it was delicious! Too bad no picture of it.
This trip all the pictures taken focused on David Choi :P

While at Tabs.
That's how empty it was 3 hours before and then it was packed and filled up
even with crowds who stood up.

Managed to sit most front and David was just right in front of me.
The first time I saw him I was like : OMG :D

His performances are awesome as usual, songs from his previous and current album were played.

It was amazing because he actually sings passionately and put his whole heart to it.
His facial expressions tells it all.

The next day, was spent at BayBeats!
First it was at the library in Esplanade, the interviews was conducted in a Music Library.
Went there 2 hours earlier but it was so packed. Nevertheless, we still got to sit in front!

Saw a few bands from different places such as Santa Monica from Indonesia,
Chigoside ( or whatever I don't know how to spell it ) from Philipines,
King Ly Chee from Hong Kong which, one of its main singer a Pakistani,
can speak super fluent Cantonese and Mandarin it was kinda scary.
& he kinda announced to everyone that he was supposed to fast,
but he didn't and he drank in front of everyone -_-

All these because David Choi was late for his interview.

There was this girl who sat in front during a band's interview who saw David Choi walking passed suddenly went OMG! to her friends and everyone was staring at her as she jumped from her sit excitedly and the people from the band was like : Did I said something wrong? *turns back, Oh it's David :) no wonder lol

and he gave out 3 cds for people who answered his 3 questions.
and I won one of it :)
but I actually bought his cds already on the first day I met him in Tabs.
Thinking still what to do with the extra cd :)

Then it was his live performance at the open stage of Esplanade.
The crowd here was crazier.
Easily got 2k of people here,
even those people who can see him from far still stood there just to listen to him.

Funny how once he finished performing the crowds dismissed.
Nobody actually cared about the other bands who performed but all came just for him!
and these people are from places like Malaysia, US, Philipines, Thailand, and Indonesia- His supporters are from everywhere because this was his first appearance in Asia.

Us with Mr.Choi :)

That is Christopher.
A philipino friend of ours who is not a fan of David Choi but made his way to Tabs
with us later that night just because he wanted to say Hi and worst still,
he was in his gym attire and Tab's dress code was semi formal so he gets stared at
all the time haha

We were so under-dressed :P

So that's about it.

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