Facial Day!
Saturday, August 14, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Today, I woke up doing my eye mask, which I did not do in ages.
My honey collagen mask still smell as good as ever.
Well that was honey spreaded around my eyes.

After few hours,
I got kinda bored.
And I found some leftover seaweeds that are not edible anymore.
Instead of wasting it,
I end up using it as facial mask ;D

This time I got my cousin to do it with me.
It was a really funny process because,
we had seaweeds all over our face,
as if seaweeds just shit on our face haha.

It was easy to do and effective,
face was oil free and cooling after that.

Just right after doing it, an hour later.
I got bored again.

Then I remembered that I have not use my new eye shadows which I got in February.
It's August now !
And ya I don't always make up, so that's why.

So I took it out, played with it.
End up taking SS pictures again.

The result?

Ya those are my new eyeshadow palettes.

I've learnt a lot today just because I was bored.
Much Procrastinate Day :(


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