Vingt et Une
Wednesday, June 23, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

How I roughly spent my 21 birthday this year.
It wasn't a very big one since I didn't plan anything , as usual :S
and it is exam week so I'm not expecting anything =)

but its good enough to leave another beautiful memory among us all.

Firstly, my sis came down from SG and visited me few days before my birthday.
Took her to Empire shopping gallery and we had Chilis for dinner
It supposed to be part of my early birthday dinner,
and sadly my battery died so :S
we didn't take much pictures but we enjoyed catching up with each other.

Earlier on we had tea break at The Loft after my trial and she took me to the supermarket to stock up my food supply , japanese goods :D

And then it was trials yada yada,
and my birthday went like just any other exam day.
I was not lucky I guessed.
Last one for exam but I did kinda well in that day's practical so thank god.

and the bunch decided to organise a belated birthday dinner for me last sunday.

oh and thats the new Forever Bear that they gave me for my birthday!
it was wearing this no.21 shirt, really cute.
New addition to my collection :D
Love it.

After a nice decent dinner at Ole-Ole Bali, we had desserts at Baskin Robins.

My treats :)

Both of them looked so cute haha

Glow in the dark monopoly.
spent an hour in Kelvin's house while waiting to go for karaoke .

Basically this is what we did instead.
Taking pictures haha.

For more pictures it'll be on my Facebook.
Still waiting for some pictures from Kelvin's slr.
The connection is being bummer for not letting him send that 16483kb file to me!

just a short update till probably next week?
Finals officially starts tomorrow, until 1st.

Wish me luck and I miss you all!

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