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Tuesday, May 11, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Yesterday, me friends ( Bev & Siosen ) was talking about dieting and stuffs about that.
and all of a sudden, we came up with an idea.
To have healthy foods such as oatmeals everyday during lunch break.
Since like, our lunch breaks are always at the peak time where finding a place to eat is a burden.
We decided to bring our own healthy food everyday since they wanted to do diet and such.

I don't know what you all think about dieting.
Well, to me dieting is not a really good way to lose weight.
Especially when I'm a food lover and I don't really care how much I weight.
As long as I'm still in the medium rage and such,
to get the opportunity to eat is like a blessing to me so I don't choose to do any diets.

However, today onwards I am going to join them girls with this "dieting" sessions.
Reason to this is cause, I really felt like what I have been eating in KL is seriously,

I have carbs everyday, like seriously French Fries 5 days a week minimum.
My meat intake is like, everyday at least there will be 2 meals with meat.
Whatever it is,
Pork, Beef & Chicken to be exact.
& I hardly take raw veges cause I don't eat cold stuffs especially salads.
Sugar for me is nothing because sweet drinks are like occasional drinks to me.
I don't take any other form of milk , except for Milo.
and I umm... love foods with cheese a tad-bit too much.

The only way to stop my seriously unhealthy eating habit is to cut down on them.

Well today, all I had with my friends was these.

and we're doing it for the next I don't know how long more :P

we have punishment even for snacking.
Vending machines are like enemies now.

while eating we had our time off,
playing Monopoly Deal.
later that,
we went to Pyramid to shop for healthy food to bring to college from tomorrow onwards :)
Kinda kills the boredom of long breaks.

Till then.


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