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Sunday, April 18, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

For starters,I'm back at KL.
my lovely holidays is about to end.
Classes will resume tomorrow, and as usual I already sense the hectic-ness.

how fast time flies when you're enjoying.

I couldn't update back home, got annoyed with the slow connection speed.

So, I'm just going to update a bit about the " before-holidays".

Had German Food the other day right after exams with the girls.

We went to Munch Gasthaus , a really nice place with cosy ambience and good german food.

Got to love the bar , seriously the alternative to Brussels is like this place since its nearer.

straight after that we headed to Pacific Coffee Company

Another cosy place good for silent and peaceful moments , for studying especially.

After the last exam , the next day was spent with Leslie , Kelly and a new friend , Ki Chan.

Headed of to Midvalley to meet up an agent and took some documents from him.

Then we had Thai food again at the Gardens.

*Just realised I haven't upload the pictures.

We were supposed to go to Genting, since the weather was fine and all that.
It rained but it was :)

unfortunately the plan was canceled last minute , we headed to KLCC instead.
shopped and caught a movie called " Date Night ".

The movie was alright , funny at some parts..worth the watch though.

oh I would like to blog more but I'mma go Skyping now :P

I'll continue the rest in the next post ;)


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