Tuesday, April 27, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Gosh, I would love to blog but I'm like so lay-zee + busy = endless procrastinating.

So I guess there won't be any update soon.

Or maybe I will do it, this weekend? It depends.


I just like signed up for this Mystery Shopper thing which I have yet to find out if its , Good?

and and ,

I just got my results back ,


I managed to get through it, once again :)

and still thank god for no fail papers.

even though, last term was one heck of a hell term ( as usual ) ,
I mean I am taking like 8 subjects per term now , to top up with the heavy assignments workload , assessments and endless presentations I have almost everyday for the whole month , which made one go crazy all the time.

I did better than I have expected in my Budgeting & Financial Analysis paper.

But did badly in one of the management paper, but well at least it's still better than what I have expected.

So, I'm all good.


so thats all folks till my next update.


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