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Tuesday, April 13, 2010 // 0 comment(s)

Well just a short update ,

to show that I'm not dead yet.


Just that I've been really busy, exam was over for me.

I don't know how well / bad I did but I can't change anything so be it.

For now before I get into emo mood.

I am back in KK , total love.

Catch up with people , eating the food I missed , shopping etc.

Well I mean , it sounded like I didn't come back for a long period but actually about ,

only a month? since I came back for Chinese New Year for 2 days?

Oh well.

Got my haircut today , my bang is :(

mush-head style , my hairdresser changed it for me and I was like WOOT?

but it's not that bad I guess , takes time getting used to.

Oh and today I shopped like mad , its bad.

But I love everything I bought :)
thanks Daddy & Mummy!

oh and I shall update about the past soon.
Connection here is always a bitch, and I don't have much time.

Will have a photoshoot session tomorrow at the beach I guess.
If everything goes well.
Really need to practice using the SLR since I've bought it for quite sometime.

thus, update till then.

love ,



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