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Tuesday, September 8, 2009 // 0 comment(s)

Bah this week is like the final week already before next week's final assesments .
I somehow am rather not prepared , not nervous , excited about coming holidays yet thinking about trainings and being apart once again from my friends during training gave me these really confused feelings .

Last week was spent with Kelly & Leslie on Saturday night . They invited me for dinner and cooked really healthy meals .

Nice soup . Lots of veggies =)

Thanks guys .

That night felt really bloated but I insist to treat them dessert because they are being so nice but then when we reached the shop , it was so packed , everyone was queuing there so we changed our minds and headed to Starbucks instead .

my "papa & mama"

I like this picture haha the straw so small yet the mug is so huge

Ordered my favourite hazelnut hot chocolate as usual :)

Then on Sunday , 3 of us + Bev went down to KL to search for my possibly industrial training place somewhere at Bukit Nanas .

Its been a while since I went down KL during the weekends and my routine is like minimum must go to like 3 shopping malls at once but last week it was different.

From Bukit Nanas - TimeSquare - Low Yat - Sungei Wang - Jalan Alor - Pavillion - KLCC all in a day !

Walked so much and exercised so much but we had fun so it doesnt matter :)

Had Wendy's for brunch at Timesquare . Its been a while , like a year ago since I had them .

Chicken Grill , tender meat , yums!

@ Forever21

Headed to Jalan Alor for dinner .

Steamed fish ! Total love .

Salted Egg with Cuttlefish , my first time having them ... it was kinda good actually .

& of course , BUTTERCRAB!

But I miss KK'S ! :(

Our bill for that dinner , kinda expensive actually but kinda expected also because its counted as tourist's area .

Outside Pavillion , the new fountains are so beautiful . I felt like I didn't go there in ages .

Then we headed to Pavillion in search of this special dessert . Saw it in pictures and went to find it .

Specialties? Layered Jellies as cakes .
Pricey , 3kg can cost like RM200+ and its just normal Jellies shaped beautifully !
I wish I could take more pictures of the jellies there but they don't allowed it .

So we bought a small one to try out , Winnie The Pooh .

Pandan flavour , it wasn't as sweet as other jellies which is good .

It is something special for birthdays , weddings and such but its really not worth the price because it tasted just like any other ordinary jellies out there .

1 thing good about it ? its , beautifully done .

Layer by Layer and without any bubbles .

Oh btw , KTM really sucked big time that night . Waited for like 45 minutes due to delay at Sentral and was sweating like hell as if we were in sauna .

Little miss Sunshine

Till then .
" I think its time to grow
.... "


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