My random weekends !
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First of all , I would like to declare that ,
I am happy to have crazy friends that does crazy stuffs with me
whenever a crazy idea of mine pops up , it is as if they can read my mind and yea we always end up doing the crazy things that we never thought of .

You know who you guys are and I heart you all :)

Last week , Bev , Loh & I was actually planning just to have a nice normal evening having dinner catching up with things ( sounded like as if we didn't meet up for a very long time )

but ya , it turned out we didn't know where to head for dinner , but Bev & I had this urge kept telling us we want something different tonight . Something but don't know what , and I kept having this feeling we're going to have some crazy fun and indeed we did! It lasted for 18 hours , without proper sleep & i was having insomnia because we end up , in Shah Alam , Port Klang , Sunway , Ipoh , Puchong and back to Subang after the supposed "dinner" .

Loh came and fetched us with a "suprise" .

This was his suprise ,

1k + paintball gun

and since we didn't know where to go , we end up going to Canal Gardens because there was a really huge garden lake area for us to play this thing .. it was so late already about 7+ in the evening and there we are making so much noises haha but the people didn't complain also .. so nice .

Then , we headed to Klaftz for dinner . All of us had 5 courses meal each , boy it was filling and the price was actually reasonable .

the interior was well decorated , very homey feeling .
well , it is situated in a housing area .. so..expected .

Then we wanted to go to the market there , but see them only sell fruits and they were about to close we decided not to but to go to a place called , Aunty Juliet or something to have a drink because the place looks so nice , like a garden in a shop , you see what I mean?

but so dissapointed , when we're about to step in..its actually a malay restaurant something like mamak but they don't sell alcohol and stuffs ... so we left and decided to go back to Sunway for shisha. On our way back , we got crazy ideas up and decided to go to Port Klang first , to see what is so called "Pulau Indah" . Ya , we got to that place after 45 minutes , which was already 10+pm .

The place was "sangat indah" cause at night we can't see anything! We went to Laguna Park and all we saw was malay people , it was scary and kinda dangerous and it reminds me of Kampung likas . I think that place is only nice to see the sunset and sunrise.

Bah , we left after that cause nothing to see . On our way back , we got into conversations and joked about not going home that night and end up in Ipoh for breakfast and the plan was on! Called Sean when we reached Sunway and shishaed away while waiting for Sean to come .

since we have never actually went there , i was actually googling for maps using my hp and the maps was so small i can literally only see ants words there so we decided to just go with the flow.

Started our journey at 12+am , blasting songs all the way and singing our heart out which contributed to the sorethroat and cough im having now :S

Us @ one of the stops , about 1+am?

Reached Ipoh at 3am and had our supper .

Grill lamb

Fried tofu , i miss this .. the sauce was so omg .

Char kuey teow

Then , we browsed through the cd shop that was still open at that time , sight seeing around ipoh before settling down somewhere because they needed to sleep .

Posers! :P

I was having insomnia so I stayed up and onlined with my hp , looking back & front doing nothing but all the time I heard Sean mumbled about something and he went like "yumyumyum" haha

Around 7am finally all of them woke up except for Sean . Then we went and search for this famous dimsum shop and only found it after asking the people there .

7 friggin am! the place was so damn packed . 2 floors , with about 100 tables ? people queing up and waiting for tables , we are one of those who waited for like half an hour for table and all we saw was really old people having their breakfasts , old yet damn healthy like wow , i've never seen so many of them in a shop at once .

I only managed to take this pic of what we ordered because my camera got issues . We had lots of dimsums but honestly , KK's still the best :( , or perhaps the one I had in HK .

Sean was having hard time eating them , half ang moh still thinks KK's chinese food best . *High 5

Went to the park but there was nothing to see , bought some ipoh made biscuits and such for my parents :)

This was 2.47am in the morning !

We visited Sunway City , Lost world too ..

but it was still closed because they open only at 10am and we went there at 9+am.

Came back to Puchong after that for my favourite pork with curry noodle.
All of us like the food there :)

&blah , paintball place & home :P

Back to yesterday , went to Midvalley with Leslie , Kelly & a new friend , Wen Teng .

Had our brunch at a babanyonya shop at The Gardens .

Yummy food .

Creative orange + coffee drink that tasted weird .

Wen Teng & I

walked a bit at Gardens & midvalley , and back to gardens for teatime at my favourite place , Sbread ! famous for charcoal bread .

Seriously if you haven't , must try this!

my new hp charm .

I bought a streetfood guidebook from which cost me RM43 in Borders which will be very helpful for our next road trip . I can't wait !

Then , went back to Mentari , and Wen Teng took us to Ampang for korean dinner .

Ampang is famous for having a lot of koreans there , Leslie & Kelly is crazy for them so we went there since Ampang girl Wen Ting was brought up there .

She took us to ,

among one of the korean restaurants there , the whole 2-3 blocks of shops is all korean restaurants .

Bulgogi that I ordered with lots of condiments .

The soup damn spicy!! + the pancake was delicious , even better with the soy sauce .

Kelly , Leslie , Wen Teng

The restaurant is famous , the owner was very nice ... he kept coming to our table and he even served us . The whole time the restaurant was packed with koreans and we're like the only malaysian there .

Our bill cost us RM122+ but the owner was nice , he gave us 10% discount without us asking :)

Then , Wen Teng brought us to 2 korean grocery shops that sells all the korean products .

Saw lots of cute and special korean food and beverages . They even sell korean newspapers there.

Us on our way back from Chempedak . We took like 3 trains just to go back home .

about 1 hour and a half in the train , thats just how far Ampang is from here .

I had fun people ! Love you all :)

btw ,

anyone else is using Tumblr besides me?


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