Food and Hotel Malaysia 2009
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This post is supposedly for last week , but I am only free to blog about it today after a really really long week of videoshootings , presentations and assesments .

anyway , I am happy that I've got 30/30 for my management paper , it was really unexpected.

presentations was so far so good . Still lots of pending assignments which , some of it are due next week especially the videos , tommorow I'll have another videoshooting!

& currently I'm having food poisoning. Thank god class ended really early today but I had to skipped english class but it wasn't really bad cause there are like more than 3 others skipping with me haha

okay , back to FHM ( Food & Hotel Malaysia ) is an event that happen only 2 years once .

It was really grand , everyday you'll have like thousands of people there for 5 days and a nice experience to be there! I love what I saw and tried , the ice creams .. pastries .. chocolates.. popcorns..!

The exhibition was actually about food and products which is really amazing , they used up the entire 6 exhibition halls at KLCC , so imagine PC fair? Its something like that just that this is not about computers and gadgets but FOOD , Hotels , Kitchen equipments and so on.

There was also cooking competition going on , really interesting .. a lot of hotels and hospitality school participated . Went there partly also to search the suppliers for my assignments , we went twice in the end cause couldn't resist ( thanks to Ms Shah for postponing her exam or else we won't even have time to go for the 2nd time ) , one of my lecturer Mr Eugene followed us the 2nd time there.

Wished that I went there everyday , because everyday so many different things to see but in the end still thankful at least managed to go for two days and we saw so many Taylorians students and lecturers it gaves us the feelings like it was a Taylor's College event and heard from my lecturer , Taylors won a lot of medals so yea its good :)

Loh who represented KDU in bartending didn't won anything but experience of a lifetime , cheer up mate :)

So time for some pictures , for more definately in my FB. I only took pictures from the food exhibition halls and competition hall actually . Didn't take much in the kitchenware and hotels exhibition area .


Believe this is fondant icing . So cute ! I saw the chef was making it and they were recording a video of him .

Can you believe , all the things that Im showing you here are only for display? I mean this includes every other pictures! Had to resist the temptations!

Made of sugar . The competitions ..

Well , actually there was really a lot more things to see there .. really hoped to go for FHM again next time because I've missed out a lot during that week .

Till then :)


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