Holidays .
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Well its time to update my blog again after so long .

These few days ALL I did was went out with my parents to settle some school stuffs , shoppings ...with my friends for drinking sessions and catch up with lots of things .

Met new friend too ..

& I was at Labuan over the weekends .

Bought lots and I mean lots of chocolates and only a few liquor because the customs set limits for it .


If not will buy more , a lot of varieties and its damn cheap!

I even saw the Absolute Vodka Masquerade that I wanted , it was limited edition and left 3 bottles only!

It was selling at RM51 , the other time I saw it at the airport before going to SG...they selling it for RM89 and I thought I wanted to buy when I came back , but nope . When I came back , SOLD OUT!!

But I didn't buy also this time because I had to help to bring back 2 bottles of Chivas.

Went there with my relatives and parents . There was about 8 of us .

Didn't expect that Labuan was a bit too rundown from the last time I went there when I was 7.

I remembered the places there looks nice and all but now?

I can't even imagine the Financial Park was so lousy.

The only attraction there is just the duty free shops .

Anyways , just a few pictures to upload.

Us at Old Town CTmall

Raymond & Emily

Bak Kut Teh for lunch at Labuan

We then had our dinner at a restaurant , had deer meat , beef , prawns etc for dinner and it all SUCKED .

Almost vomit eating them , I didn't bother to take pictures . All of us didn't finish our dinner .

Then we headed to the supermarket for a walk before going to another shop to eat our dinner .

Ordered two plates of noodles . This is awesome , but the wait was long ... about 45 minutes ... too long for just noodles . Apparently there was also like 5 more tables waiting .

For breakfast I had curry mee , and my relatives and parents had something else..
but still the curry mee in Puchong my favourite :)

Overall , Labuan food and service was rather dissapointing .
There wasn't much chinese shop and most of it are closed .

The chocolates in my house now :S , there was like 6 bars of Old Gold and 8 packs of Hersheys!
3 packs of Bounty and yes , Ferero Garden :) I bought few different flavours of RitterSport too .

Feel the fats ?

I lost 2 of my Heart Jibbits that I bought in SG .

So sad now left 1 that I bought from KL .

With Bev & Susan at Sutera Harbour after drinking at Yoyo Damai last night

can see my face so chubby ! Holidays , sigh .

5 of us at Sutera Harbour before my camera died on us .
or else I would have taken the pictures of us staring at the sky .
funny moments .

The memories .

Im missing so many things right now .

and I think I miss college for once .

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