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It felt so long since I've last blogged .

I'm back from Sabah .

First week of school for me , eventhough this week is the 2nd week..I don't know why ..

it felt like time passes so slow for each and every subjects and its only the 2nd day!

and I have to friggin go through this long days for the next 10 weeks.

My timetable , was not as pack as the other option , thank god .

but the early classes at 9am with class finishing as late as 5pm and the breaks are so long it sucks .

gone are the days where classes starts at 9.30 / 10am..

and ends at like 2.3o / 3pm.


& my class has super lots of people now...and new faces..a lot of new foreigners too..

On the 9th of July , it was Susan's Birthday..
we planned a suprised for her.

Bev & I went to Citymall to get Susan her present..

But when we reached the car then we realised the seal of the envelope is all dried up so Bev's idea was using the lipgloss and hmm.. :P

There , look at what I did :X

Haha !
Got her birthday cake too.

Then picked Susan up and off we went to Sutera Harbour .
Took some pictures..only going to upload few here..

Then it was going to rain ,
so we left to Damai Yoyo.

This picture was taken by Bev ...

Then on the 11th , it was my mum's birthday!

We went to Gaya Sports Restaurant .. its been a while since I've been there...about a year?

Had few of my favourite dishes again..

I'm missing them!

My all time favourite , butter crab .

Seafood with oysters claypot.. yumms!

and of course steamed fish!

Had lots of dimsums for breakfast the other day at Foo Phing..and in the evening had my favourite fried intestine , more seafoods and pork dishes .. :)

Talk about food , KK foods are still the best .

Bak Kut Teh , Pork noodles..etcs..

Sorry la didn't take much pictures of food haha ..enjoyed eating..

well , this trip back I finally get to eat everything that I've been craving for quite a while :)

Went to Leslie's house yesterday to meet him along with my cousin . Bev and Mary was there too .

Had dinner there and had a great time chit-chatting with them .

Today Bev came to school and joined us for lunch and then brought her around school ,
met a new friend , Dennis from Certificate course .

Ah well , Kelly is coming over to KL tommorow .

Have a safe trip here girl . Will be seeing you soon :)

time to go and unpack my 17kg of clothes . It's been 2 days :X


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