Sarawak Trip - Street foods .
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I'm finally back from Sandakan , and as I've promised I will upload pictures of my trip when I was in Kuching ... currently I'm feeling really fat due to all the food I guy just wouldn't believe that I've ate so much this 2 weeks ( including when I was in Sandakan ) ... my life is like all about food , shopping , sight- seeing and drinking..=S

Not to mention I remembered 2 days ago I was having 3 slices of cheesecake at one of the new cafe opened in Sandakan , D'Venice for lunch and the next day I had 3 scoops of Haagen Dazs Ice cream after dinner...I am so gaining weight after this trips I thought , but NO! In fact I lose weight , didn't yeah perhaps its a good thing which means I can eat more!

This post will be all about the street foods I tried at Kuching which , well honestly in my opinion some of ours in Sabah is way better ... and some I dare not comment much because I'm not a fan of Ko Lo Mee...which I tried and some was good indeed...some foods that I've tried is not available in Sabah , seafood is the food I'm sick of right now which I had almost everyday in 2 weeks , but its always good to try something cooked in different methods .

Actually theres a lot more food stuffs that I ate during my trip there but I've decided not to post the pictures since we also have it in Sabah and Kuala Lumpur ... I've decided to split this food posts into two... and my sight seeing post in another...and to end everything , who says only restaurants offer nice food ? =P
Okay before you start looking at the pictures , if you're hungry I suggest you don't continue looking at it..hahaha

Kon lou mee , from the same shop...but the noodle is mixed with tomato sauce...

Kon Lou Mee...this one is the best in Kuching...

Beef meat noodle...with kuey teow...+ taugeh ketchup soup ... I still prefer the traditional ngau chap... =S but this is not bad too =)

Kuching's Pok Piah... one is with chili one is without ... it reminds me of Sister's poppiah back in KL..but the filling is a bit different...this is teochew way of making their pok piah ... which malay people called it as Poppiah ... but poppiah is usually made with dried prawn floss or chicken floss as fillings...
My favourite Duck meat + glass noodle..this is seriously nice...I tried it and I insisted Denise and Bev to missing it already...apparently that stall is famous ... they got interviewed by some newspapers and magazines...

Handmade Kon Lou Noodle with Char Siew and meat slices...this is nice! Although im not a fan of Kon lou mee...seriously this is worth the try and aunty said this is not the best yet ...=X

Kuching's laksa ... look how big is the prawn .. lol

Another Kuching's specialty ... Belacan Mee Hoon + Cuttlefish + Egg...if you dont like belacan ... don't eat because you won't like the smell =P

Various type of ice kacangs that I've tried . All of them kinda tasted the same as those we have in KK ...
Kuching's Cucur Udang ... its a mixture of prawns , potatoes and tauhu .

This is another version of Kueh Chap but its with Kueh teow and Egg.

Kueh Chap , available only in Sarawak ... its a mixture of pork's organs . Very nice ... love the herbal taste .

Next post will be the food from the restaurants that I tried .


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