Kuching Trip - Chinese Restaurant / Igloo
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Okay so here's another post about food...this is the famous crab that Beverley insisted us to try...the crab is seriously huge and the meat is yummy! Why? It was cooked in a special method...this crab is cooked with the "pressurize method" to bring out the sweet taste of it...at the same time it was also charcoal burned ( something like barbequed ) with honey and the end result? Delicious!

This vegetable , something that looked like Paku Pakis..but its another vegetable..cooked with red wine as sauce...

Kuching's Tomato Kueh Teow...

Asam fish...Sweet and Sour...this is delicious too..

Its a type of clam...forgot what does it called but its cooked with curry...not bad ...

Owh...my favourite oyster omelette ... ow wa jien...=P I'm craving for it again now..its a tab bit too salty though..
Next right on is...about..igloo..

Igloo is a dessert parlour , also named as Charmy Snowy Ice... we have it in KK too ...saw it somewhere around Lintas...but never try it but I tried the one in Kuching...2 outlet , one nearby the shopping mall named The Spring or was it Boulevard...and another one I seriously dunno where haha.. =P I love the desserts here...everything is made from very fine shredded ice..with flavourings...if you ask me to choose between this and Ice Kacangs I'll definately go for this because I'm not a fan of beans ... red and green beans especially =P
The interior ... really suites the mood for christmas!

I like this part especially...looks so winter-ish yet the flowers inside the bottles made the difference as if its a flower preserve lab kinda concept..


The Menu ...

The few examples they show...its a 5 pages menu..with images , interesting =)

The Desserts we ordered ...well I can't remember all the names of the desserts la..its too much to mention...anyways..all of it was good...worth the try seriously =)

I remembered this is mango with strawberry jam...

Man this is heaven...Mango...=P

Chocolate + shredded cookies crumbs

Oreo + green tea ice

Red bean + green tea ice

Corn ice + I think strawberry..I forgot..lol..

Pink Lady ...


Next post will be about the Cat Museum...enough about food post for now...I know there's so much food pictures in my blog now..hahaha :)
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